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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. People just hate it because it wasn't Fever.
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  2. I'm quite inclined to agree with you.
  3. I love Kylie doing something different (my favourite album is Impossible princess) and I get what they were trying to do with Body Language. But it was mostly an effort. It has some moments but a ton of dross. I'll stick with Slow, Chocolate and Sweet music as the best and really all I come back to.
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  4. Half of Body Language is fantastic, the other half is... not.
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  5. Every pop girl thread ever.
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  6. Nah, pretty much every other Kylie album is more guilty of this than Body Language.
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  7. The only song on Body Language I actively dislike at the moment is I Feel 4 U. I even don’t mind After Dark. But they all just sound underbaked which some of them probably were and that’s not Kylie’s fault.
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  8. I think the next album is gonna be one of her best. Hopefully the label and recent performances milestones and the sales figures, plus the new love and the post career retrospective will have blown away the cobwebs and out fire in the tank. I'm ready...and I say that with some conviction.
  9. Tea
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  10. Biff is doing a live Instagram and he mentioned that there’s a version of Light Years which has a longer bridge and he said something about Kylie talking more as an air hostess.
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  11. If you want to join the mile high club, boys, go the rear of the craft...
  12. (I'm a little late but...)

    I love Body Language! To me it sounds like it was made to impress. It's smooth and I love how her vocals are extremely dosed and well-guided through the album. The chorus on Right Here, Right Now (2015) should take notes.
  13. With Step Back In Time, Glastonbury, and the Golden Live DVD out of the way, and with the new album probably not coming before early 2021, shouldn't we finally be getting the (delayed?) re-releases of Kylie's previous albums this year?
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  14. That would be great if so. I hope Light Years at the very least, gets an 20th anniversary edition.
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  15. Be thankful she's not on Universal. Their Gwen Stefani Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (15th Anniversary Edition) consisted of updating the standard album on Spotify with modified artwork. Absolutely no other difference.
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  16. Wow, talk about why even bother.
  17. I wanna hear it!

    It's random but I always find the "please fly with us again" oddly emotional.
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  18. I know what you mean. It's pure euphoria that whole song I think actually.
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  19. I always wished 'Light years' was in two parts, the first part a song, opening the album and a reprise at the end with the 'please fly with us again'.

    I feel the same about that line @P'NutButter , it's like an acknowledgment of her love for the loyalty of her fans.
  20. Light Years as a two parter track? I'd take that!
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