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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Yeah... no thanks.
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  2. Maybe my camptastic orchestra grand disco album dream is starting to look a little unrealistic...
  3. She did some great songs with sky on golden so I’m hopeful this will be fruitful
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  4. I’m just excited that she’s back in the studio working again! New music is on its way!
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  5. Yes, the one track he carbon copied multiple times throughout the set is pretty good.
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  6. Kiss Me Once gets a bad rap but a solid portion of Sky Adams’ work on Golden is the most faceless and banal it gets in her discography.

    With the amount of contacts at her disposal to work with I really don’t know why this is a viable option, but we’ll see what it produces down the line. I’m all for more Biff or Jon Green if she wants to keep up Golden collaborators.
  7. Okay great, now let's swap him for Ariel Rechtshaid, Mike Del Rio, Tommy Trash, and Bloodshy & Avant, if she really wants to go back to previous collaborators.
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  8. How the hell are stop me from falling and lifetime to repair carbon copies???
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  9. I’m not super fussed about more Sky Adams either but his work is so eclectic looking at who else he’s worked with recently (Will Young, Louise, Sigala and Doja Cat) so I’m cautiously optimistic. Plus Maegan Cottone has done work for Little Mix and f(x) so she understands big pop.

    There’s also rumours that she’s done some recording with Nile Rodgers - I didn’t bother listening to the recent Chic album but I kinda like that she’s recording a disco album with one of the legends of disco.

    She was in the studio with both of them last year.
  10. I quite liked Sky's work on Golden so I don't mind him being back.

    As said, his work *is* very diverse. His latest credit is Doja Cat's Boss Bitch which is... a million years away from Golden. I did think the 3 songs he did on Louise's album were the three worst tracks though.
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  11. He was the poor guy they kept telling "more country", "no wait, a bit less country", etc. He did a good job managing all of that and shaping those songs.
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  12. Who would be y'all's dream collaborators (producers, writers, singers) for this album knowing the "grown-up disco" mandate?
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    • Calvin Harris,
    • Classixx,
    • Daft Punk,
    • Giorgio Moroder,
    • Hercules & Love Affair,
    • Hot Chip,
    • Joe Goddard,
    • Mark Ronson,
    • Miami Horror,
    • Neon Indian,
    • Nile Rodgers,
    • The Rapture,
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  13. All of you gayz' heads blowing up is funny.

    It's Kylie. She'll record 850 songs for this album. A year from now, someone'll leak the 838 ones that missed the cut, it'll be chopped and screwed, put up on Soundcloud, and it'll work out fine.
  14. My thoughts exactly, until we hear what the new music will be, am just glad to hear she's working on it.
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  15. Sally Shapiro. I need that version of Dying In Africa.
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  16. Kevin Parker, Mark Ronson and the team working with Jessie Ware on her current stuff. Throw in Moroder and Nile Rodgers for good measure.

    In terms of “grown up disco” I’d prefer a Late Night Feelings as opposed to a Saturday Night Fever.
  17. If I was in her team, I would just hand everybody albums from the Italians Do It Better label and tell them to use them as inspiration.

    Anyway, I love Sky Adams' contributions to Golden (sans 'Live A Little') so I'm not too nervous.
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  18. Anyone know why Kylie hasn't worked with Kevin Parker? It seems silly given that Rihanna and Lady Gaga have sought him out and he hasn't been discrete about wanting to work with Kylie for years now.

  19. I wonder if these are Kylie Co writes too?
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