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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I like the sound of this.
    She worked with him via the Nervo twins:
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  2. No idea. Maybe it’s a cost thing? I know she’s basically doing it herself now and BMG just take the distribution rights.
  3. Maybe Kylie isn't keeping up with the 'new' musicians coming out of Australia, like Gaga and Rihanna did or their manager's did?
  4. Couldn't resist.


  5. A seriously lovely ballad.
  6. I know Love At First Sight is a bit overplayed by Kylie. But, just seen this great US performance of it on MTV TRL back in 2002 which uses the Ruff and Jam radio remix for it.

    Fab stuff I think! The song comes alive in the Sunshine too and Kylie herself looks just wow here! That long hairbraid ponytail extension, is one of my favourite Kylie looks.
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  7. Love At First Sight can remain on of every one of her setlists forever for my liking. Kids on the other hand...
  8. Yeah, Kylie is never as carefree as she is when she performs Love at first sight.

    I'd love a Light years/Turn it into love style live version of the 88 and 01 versions though, just to shake it up.
  9. That mash up would be very most welcome! And yes, Love At First Sight is a Kylie classic, can't deny that.
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  10. Even just slipping in the 'believe in love at first sight' bits could be done easily if nothing else.
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  11. I love the 88 Love At First Sight, so would happily love even just a small amount of it live!
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  12. I prefer this US remix of Love at First Sight.

    Kylie Fever 2001-2002 - the songs, the hair, the clothes, the shoes - everything was so 'fresh' and there was no American pop singer doing anything remotely similar - hence why even Billboard took notice and she sold over 1M in the US.
  13. I agree, she just OWNED it on all levels this era.
  14. And while I personally loved Slow and it's video - I don't think Slow was the right follow-up first single for America to take an interest in Body Language.
    No way US radio would touch a song like Slow.
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  15. I was under the impression that they skipped Slow and lead in with Red Blooded Women anyway?
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  16. I think she only performed Red Blooded Woman on American TV:

    Bow Slow must have been released.

    In the United States, "Slow" peaked at numbers 91 and one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and Hot Dance Club Songs chart, respectively. It is Minogue's last entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, to date.
  17. Just checked the dates; 28th February 2004. It would've made its Hot 100 position from people cherry-picking the song on iTunes as that was the date the album debuted. US fans would have been aware of the song from specialist shows and its worldwide promo like the MTV EMAs. I'm not sure wether Club Play charts count towards the Hot 100, but Slow was #1 that week on club reports.

    It got a little airplay on the Mainstream Top 40 format, but that was probably the adult orientated radio station DJs chosing to play "Slow" over "Red Blooded Woman".
  18. Agh okay!
    I kinda agree with this Billboard critic:

    Billboard critic Keith Claufield singled out the song as a highlight from the album and called it "a cousin of Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me a River'."

    Also from Billboard, Michael Paoletta called it a "sexy, skittery, beat-driven hip-pop number that sounds like a Timbaland production". He concluded that "["Red Blooded Woman"] definitely deserves a shot at mainstream top 40 and rhythmic success"
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  19. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    I really hate this song.
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  20. I mean, Slow was long-term brand-builder, right? It and its video still feel startlingly fresh and original. And I feel like it's the single she cites most frequently as her favorite.

    As for her American breakthrough in 2002-3 with Head, Love At First Sight, Come Into My World? That just blew my little gayling heart away. Kylie was a UK childhood favorite and when the family moved to the US in 1990, I literally never heard a peep from her again until she "suddenly" reemerged in the Fever era and took over the world. It also feels like those songs never went away. I still hear them every week playing in grocery stores, retailers etc -- especially Love At First Sight.
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