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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I suppose in these horrendous times were in we should be thankful that kylie was booked for Glastonbury last year and not this one, would have been ridiculously unfortunate for her to have missed out a 2nd time
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  2. Very true. That would have been a shame and then some.
  3. Thankfully the stars were aligned that time!
  4. Looking effortlessly gorgeous too
  5. She really does. She looks great with glasses on to, they really do suit her I think.
  6. We needed this!
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  7. I’ve been enjoying these song bracket contests on twitter. Haven’t seen any Kylie ones. Has anyone else?
  8. I'm currently watching Golden Live and I am obsessed with the arrangement of "Wow." I need a studio version of it ASAP.
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  9. It's perfection. Still remember the energy of it live.
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  10. Fever really is one of the greatest pop albums of all time, isn't it? Every single song is a 10, except for Can't Get You Out of My Head, Love at First Sight and Fever (all 11s).
  11. A bit of quarantine relief with a very memorable mash up of Crystalise and The One.

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  12. Fever is Kyliemania at its very best. I love listening to that and imagining how huge that era was, seeing as I didn't become a fan until 2003.
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  13. Also one of the best pop albums of the 00's! What a classic era! Not one filler on that album.
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  14. Fever and Fragile, are singles that should have been!
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  15. I think that Giving You Up is such an underrated track.
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  17. Oh, and they should released "Whenever You Feel Like It" as a single off the Scooby Doo soundtrack.
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  18. Me as well. However, the "a girl's gotta suffer for fashion" part stops it from being a 10. It just seems odd.
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