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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Fever2002 is my favourite Kylie tour as well. I pray that she gets that budget and I pray that the she takes notes for the next tour as well.
  2. Your disco needs you got the best reception on the X tour. The audience went WILD.
  3. I agree. This tour really had it all. Another amazing aspect of this amazing era.
  4. I’m hoping that the next tour is a bit more theatrical.
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  5. I think a similar budget is probably unrealistic, but the artistic side of something is definitely something she could implement, such as having a concept ot tie the whole thing together. Instead of pulling out Kids (!!!) again, it would be great to see something from the Decon era wheeled out.
  6. An album track from the Deconstruction era would be amazing to hear live again.
  7. I think she's found her style now performance wise. A bit of razzle dazzle mixed with just her and that personality.
  8. 'Cough' Dreams 'Cough'
  9. I'd take that. Or Too Far. Or Dangerous Game. Which really would be a dream!
  10. Anyone know why she never performs Give Me Just A Little More Time? I know we got it on the Anti-Tour but still, I’d love to hear it more often!
  11. Was the Fever Tour big budget? It doesn't look it. Or maybe that's just me looking at it from a 2020 lenses.

    Seems like a hard song to slot into a setlist as its very different in style to everything else she's done.
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  12. No idea, although it could because I believe she was embarrassed by the "Brrr" bits. Which is odd seeing how it's the most iconic part of the song. To be honest, all of the Let's Get To It singles are due to be done live again. Such an neglected era.
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  13. I think it was big budget from the perspective of what Kylie had been doing previously, and pattern budgeted against the initial run of dates before they added on the extra nights. Factor in the Australian leg - which most other artists - at least then - didn't bother with.

    You also have to consider that 2002 was probably the last year that tours were a promotional tool to sell albums. They likely costed it to come in just above break even.
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  14. Vocally she's better now then ever she's one of the few artists that has really pushed themselves vocally to get better and better and she spends alot of time and prides herself on them , there were issues throughout the whole golden tour as she kept getting the same throat issue because she wouldn't cancel dates when she should have, and the fever tour at times was horribly nasel, and I hate to break it to you but kiss me once and golden both had bigger budgets than fever, fever at the time cost around 2.5 - 3million it was big budget for the time and she really was pushing boundaries when it came to performance and a show narrative most acts were still just having shows that were lights and a screen and a lift, things started to change from then on forvother performers and kylie was pretty much placed on a performance pedistal
  15. Please Stay is one of her greatest ever singles. When you listen to it now, it’s crazy that it wasn’t a mega hit for her.
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  16. Please Stay is glorious. One of the guys that wrote it also played the iconic guitar line on Viva Forever!
  17. It was a cute album track, but it was to cutesy kylie pwl sounding and the rest of the campaign had been cool pop and brezzy and parlophone not releasing ydny because they felt it appealed to much to the gay demographic and didn't want to isolate her audience then they picked please stay, oh the irony
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  18. The Lovely John Themis who is also the " Steve Anderson " to Boy George and Culture Club. One of the great behind the scenes musicians and writers. x
  19. I rewatched KylieX2008 for the first time since not really enjoying it at the time and by jove it's quite the show. I'm glad I haven't replayed it a lot since because it all felt kinda new.

    I love how daring it was to have Head as song 2, preceded by a snippet of a leaked track (Boombox), with another unreleased track to immediately follow - Ruffle My Feathers. And to also include Loveboat, Flower, Sometime Samurai and 10 tracks from X (incidentally the Roman numeral for 10) on the set list - whew!
  20. I imagine that it's been retired because it's a cover and unlike "The Locomotion," it wasn't a massive hit and isn't exactly important to Kylie's career narrative.
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