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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Very this. Fever had a very particular vibe, and the way Boy gets it better than some of the included tracks... I use it as the first track in my playlist for the album.
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  2. Replace give it to me, dance floor and your love with boy, tightrope and rendezvous at sunset and you have a fantastic album
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  3. I think x2008 got the perfect balance of what kylie is, forward thinking but at the same time accessible
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  4. See, I like all of those so absolutely not, sorry, ddd. But I do think it is an either/or between Your Love and Tightrope. I would have liked both on the album at the same time, even though I love both. (Tightrope is Greatest Hits material, it should be in, like, the Step Back In Time compilation, what a moment.)
  5. Absolutely glorious indeed! Her vocals on it give me goosebumps too.
  6. I think too much has been read into this. From a late 2000 perspective, a whole bunch of has-been singers tried to replicate Kylie's comeback with bad disco covers and camp visuals and completely misunderstanding what Kylie's comeback truly was and why it worked for her and her only. The general public might have lapped up Robbie Williams camping it up and sampling I Will Survive, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have had the same tolerance for Kylie doing it - at that point in time.

    Please Stay's biggest crime is a cheap video and being released too-long into the coattails of the '99 Latin sound. The narrative that the general public (hahahahahaha), or even hardcore fans, didn't buy it as a punishment for Your Disco Needs You being sidelined is just laughable and needs to be dropped.

    It came out at Christmas, didn't sound like a Christmas hit and got a little lost in the Christmas market. William Baker writes how Kylie's team and Parlophone both agreed that the kettle went off the boil for the marketing of that one. You could make the guess that Please Stay was what made the Fever period and all its singles, so (almost) flawlessly executed. They learned their mistakes and planned accordingly.
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  7. Your Love has an ominous cinematic sound to it on the verse that gives it the edge over Tightrope on first listen (as well as that beautiful middle-8). Factor in that the original mix of Tightrope is a bit basic. The second mix is what really gives it something else. Tightrope is the better song and I think it only really becomes apparent on multiple listens. It just hooks into your brain and makes you take notice of it.
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  8. If I recall right, ...Little More Time was massive for her at the time. I'm not 100% on this but I think it outsold Better the Devil You Know back then (although I believe that Devil caught up and overtook it in the digital era). It definitely outperformed at least a few of her imperial-PWL-era earlier singles.

    My theory on this is that Kylie has probably associated the song with a really difficult time working with SAW, I can imagine she didn't want to be doing Motown covers (and then when it was a hit it would have been harder to get her way). I can imagine it's probably also a bit difficult to sing, it's a bit shouty and all big lungs.
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  9. I'm sure I remember reading that there was a lot of arguments behind the scenes during the recording of Let's Get to It, which has probably contributed to Kylie not wanting to do any of those tracks again.
  10. PWL wanted the kylie they could mould and do what they wanted with kylie was having none of it, plus PWL paid kylie more for her to sign up for one extra album which was let's get to it than they did for her initial 3 album and a greatest hits deal I'm guessing this is where Terry made it so that all PWL material would belong to kylie after a certain period, celebration was recorded during the let's get to it session
  11. It did well in the UK and Ireland, but underperformed in most markets. However, your theory does make a lot of sense as well.
  12. I thought they signed her up for 2 more albums, which is how we got Let's Get to It and Greatest Hits?
  13. I would've pushed this point more with the For You For Me / Les Folies tours, rather than Fever. The former two probably sunk her into the red a little. I never got that impression with Fever2002.
  14. From what I understood the greatest hits was planned after rhythm of love, kylie was already looking at other labels at this time, and PWL offered her a deal to good to not turn down , but I could be wrong
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  15. You have to consider that they probably approached developing the Fever2002 tour from the experience of being thrifty on the previous two tours. The liklihood was that the On a Night Like This tour was Kylie die-hards and lapsed fans buying tickets, there probably wasn't enough evidence - yet - that the general public would turn up for a Kylie tour. I don't really think they got *that* kind of sales confidence until Showgirl.
  16. Mmmm. I forget how basic On a Night Like This tour looked! I think after watching Intimate & Live, where that looked quite grandiose if not modest, I was maybe expecting more luxury.
  17. Could the reason she doesn't perform Give me just... be that 99% of her audience couldn't give a rats arse about it?

    Just a theory.
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  19. For you for me made no money it didn't even break even, Les follies on the other hand made a good profit tho there was a few dates that really didn't sell well, but this was the point where kylie thought now or never when it came to full on spectical where theater meets concert meets theme park attraction, you think that the budget doubled from x at just over $10 million to Les follies at $20 million
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  20. I think X just looked so fresh. It was a little more minimal in some parts of the staging but felt like a new era after the extended Showgirl tour era (for very obvious reasons of course and still a blessing she continued during her recovery). The fact the setlist was both very long and varied really helped. I think it still stands as my favourite Kylie tour to date.
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