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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I think it was a show that pleased all bases from the general public to hard core fans, having unreleased material and album tracks from previous era's really helped, tho the whole goodship lollypop meets 70s cruise performer is unforgiveable. The reviews were fantastic to some comparing it to a live art instalation, tho it took a few tweaks to get the show in the correct order, not to mention they were having alot of issues with the led flooring overheating up until opening night which is why she was so Late on stage
  2. I’d love it combined with 2 Hearts and Some Kind of Bliss
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  3. Lol! It was pretty big tho and even used on a Swatch (I think!) advert. The reception on the Anti Tour was pretty good, I think most of us would like to hear it again. Although not to everyone’s taste obviously
  4. You're a legend! Thanks so much for the link for this.
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  5. Think I've become officially obsessed with this one of late. An Kylie classic through and through, and an perfect piece of empowerment to help through the difficult days we're having. Love her confidence on it vocally too, just oozes sass.
  6. I do hope the next tour will have more energy to it really. I attended the Golden tour and I did enjoy it, but there’s a lot of parts that were a little dull for the audience.
  7. The next Kylie tour, feels like an even longer wait away now with everything going on in the world.
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  8. I think the sheer 'oh one that everybody knows' of it was the reason it went down so well on the Anti tour, but I think it'd fall flat on an actual tour.
  9. Yeah I think the, er time, has passed for that song unless the original itself ends up back in public consciousness somehow. I've a vague memory of Kylie being asked to do the "brrrs" on a chat show or a music show interview and the audience lapping it up. Anyone know where I'm getting this from?
  10. If COVID had not happened I wonder if we would have gotten new Kylie music this year. Maybe a Q3/Q4 single?
  11. I feel like they would have just followed the Golden rollout in 2021 to be honest.
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  12. On right now!

    edit: short and sweet but nice to see the lovely Lucy back on BVs
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  13. I think that depended on the venue. At the Manchester gig the audience was mostly gay guys and we all got our damn life but the Nottingham crowd were there for the hits and little else.
  14. The Fever tour was teh first Kylie concert I attended and it will always be dear to my heart, the visulas, the costumes, her energy were all TOP notch. I think Kylie realised just how lucky she was to be back bigger than ever and not take her success for granted, she continually thanked the crowd which shows what a humble star she is. I took a non-kyle friend with me and he gave it 10/10, shows what an impact Fever had back then.
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  15. I was at the Manchester gig as well but I was seated at the top so perhaps I felt a different energy ddd
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  16. She could’ve performed Glad To Be Alive on Anti Tour and it would’ve gotten a good reception.

    Though I have to say That’s Why They Write Love Songs went down like a lead balloon when she performed it in Sydney.
  17. There are some off-cuts that do get talked up by a very small number of fans on forums that are really very average, and That's Why They Write Love Songs is definitely one of them.
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  18. It’s dreadful, no wonder it was binned from the X tour!
  19. I just love how Light Years, really is the perfect Spring/Summer soundtrack:

    And that's just for starters!
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