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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. A cute message from Kylie.
  2. I'm loving that she is in her glasses more!
  3. I feel that she would compliment Kylie quite well on stage.

    And hasnt she done a great job of it...just for the purposes of changing things up it might be good to bring someone in.

    Nelly Furtado might be achoice, she has always been complimentary towards Kylie in the past and has expressed a desire to work with her. I know she is canadian but well known to the american market and she can do i bit of rap.
  4. They should bring Jazzi P back with full 12” rap sections like the Let’s Get To It tour for the nostalgia of course!
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  5. Listening to Aphrodite in the garden with a Prosecco is highly recommended.
  6. She's absolutely adorable.
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  7. Blasting out Golden this sunny afternoon. Still love this album so much. Music is my distraction right now.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Got tagged in this today and I utterly STUCK on 17. Any help?

    1. Spinning Around
    2. Hand on Your Heart
    3. Tears on my Pillow
    4. Skirt
    5. The Locomotion
    6. Look My Way (bloody hell, what a deep cut)
    7. Dancing
    8. Better the Devil You Know
    9. Cupid Boy
    10. The One
    11. Disco Down
    12. Shocked
    13. I Should Be So Lucky
    14. Celebration
    15. Light Years
    16. Put Yourself in My Place
    18. Where the Wild Roses Grow
    19. I Believe in You
    20. Into the Blue
    21. one of the Christmas Time songs
    22. 100 Degrees
    23. Step Back in Time
    24. Cowboy Style
    25. Chocolate
    26. Kids
    27. Red Blooded Woman
    28. 2 Hearts
    29. Timebomb
    30. Flower
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  9. "Got To Be Certain"
  10. How though? You'll need to explain it. I get the 2pm/To and Bee/Be emoji but I can't match the other four.
  11. Perhaps the first two morphologically standing in for 'G' and 'O' then the 'Two' and then 'Bee', 'Cert' & 'Train' ? It's a fucking mess and I wouldn't have bothered with any of them.
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  12. Cert (short for certification) Tain (man lifting heavy weights = ton "tain" can be pronounced as ton?)

    Clueless for the first part though!
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  13. I think the first emoji looks like a G then the next one is ‘hot’

    G-Hot = Got
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  14. Ha! Sabrina and Kylie in one thread. Perfect.
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  15. Under loved - everything about it is amazing. The ending is ICONIC.

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  16. Absolutely. Red Blooded Woman, is one of her finest singles of the 00s I think.
  17. THOT To Be Certain
  18. "Wonderful Christmastime" (feat. MIKA).
  19. Agree, it's a signature Kylie song. Word Is Out is another. They get so much hate, but they define parts of her career alongside the more obvious candidates - and they're just cool songs.
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