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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. It's a bucket list item for me to see All The Lovers live. I don't think there's been a (non-acoustic) performance of it that hasn't captivated my attention for how much she makes it pop off.
  2. How does the thread feel about X the album? It’s bop after bop with my favourites being 2 Hearts, Like A Drug, Speakerphone and Cosmic.
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  3. Can't argue with that.
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  4. But what a mistake that was. To be offered the songs 'Toxic' and 'After Dark' by Cathy Dennis and then choosing the latter!

    Imagine what the Body Language campaign would have been like if it was Slow as the first single to jolt people, and then a quick follow up with Toxic.
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  5. Presuming Kylie's Toxic would've been any good? I can imagine Kylie singing it with too much head voice and unlike Britney, she'd probably sing the whole chorus, so you'd lose the dynamic when the vocal transitions from Cathy's to Britney's for that one line.
  6. Toxic, was perfect for Britney. Just like Can't Get You Out Of My Head was perfect for Kylie.
  7. Can you imagine if either had released Reach? The horror. Some things are as they should be.
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  8. Yeah this 'strategy' makes absolutely no sense, especially considering Britney was coming off an era were she was literally blacklisted on radio. There is no way they were going to threaten to withhold her music from radio when radio were literally doing that for them.
  9. I agree. Some songs are meant to be for certain artists.
  10. Dua Lipa and Kylie....MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

    Dua Lipa saying in a recent GQ interview that she would love to collaborate with Kylie, make it happen people.
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  11. A ‘remix’ of hallucinate a la the Doja/Nicki one (but obviously better) would be nice if they didn’t want a whole new song

    but then a new song would be nice as well.. Greedy (I’m so)
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  12. I could hear Kylie signing a bit on Love Again too. Praying that’s a single at some point regardless.
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  13. Toxic was successful too because of the iconic music video and the association with Justin Timberlake. I don't see similar success if Kylie recorded it. It was out of BL rhythm too. After Dark is a good Kylie track.
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  14. Some Kylie fans always compare X to Aphrodite, the latter being cohesive. I always find X better. There's a distinct sound and story in every song.
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  15. What association?
  16. A Kylie / Dua collab would be so monumental that I'd hope it would be a new song entirely.
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  17. It's a collection of good-to-great songs, but it's not a great album, in my opinion.
    That's assuming that Kylie wouldn't have also created an iconic music video for it if it was hers, despite Kylie being known for her visuals.

    "After Dark" is cute, but is a massive step-down from "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and "Come Into My World."
  18. To continue the comparison, I do agree Aphrodite is more cohesive, but individually, the songs of X pack a bit more punch. I’m surprised she didn’t have more smashes on the X album or at least, All I See should’ve done better worldwide. It was quite on trend.
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  19. He publicly groped her in 2003.
  20. Its no budget video and limited territorial release meant that it was never going to smash. It probably didn't help that Jordin Sparks was smashing with a sonically similar "One Step At A Time."
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