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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I don’t think it’s better than Speakerphone or Like A Drug, but it’s a bit catchier and R&B than the other two songs. I think the other two would’ve been hits a year or two later.
  2. All I See, is a lovely gem.
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  3. All I See being an album track is just about acceptable but as any kind of single, much less the push single in the US? Someone was smoking some good crack.

    It is not catchier than Like a Drug (which clearly would've been the perfect lead single from X there) and it is not R&B. It's just utterly nondescript, underwritten, non-event pop. Such an obvious "what the fuck" moment even without the benefit of hindsight.
  4. She decently promoted All I See in the US and made several interviews. Perhaps, they thought Mims would put magic on it but we all know what happened.

  5. W2K


    I detest All I See except for the acoustic version which I have fond memories of seeing her perform in Manchester.
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  6. RhythmNative

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    Thinking *that* was the right single AND to promote it like it had a chance in hell of doing anything is the nadir of label think and basing all A&R around homogeneous genre chasing rather than understanding what certain audiences want from certain artists.

    Latter day EMI/Capitol were really shit in that respect with their pop acts. No nous or risk taking or “build it and they will come”. Any success they had almost felt accidental. No wonder they went bust.
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  7. It is? It's pretty straightforward to my ears. "All I See" as a song is completely inoffensive.
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  8. I dont get the hate for All I See, I loved this song, its a feel good song for me but should it have been a release single for the US, who knows, they didnt have a proper video for it really and you are right there were a number of different singles in X that they really could have gone for, the 3 singles you mentioned above were great as was Nu-Di-ty, I could see this bloodshy and Avant song doing really well on radio.

    All these potential great singles for the US and somehow they c*ck it up
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  9. Babbling was not a good word to describe it, perhaps? It was both too wordy and too nondescript melodically, so nothing stood out. I guess the production is more at fault in this respect than the songwriting perhaps, as the acoustic version doesn't suffer from it as much, the chorus is more impactful there.
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  10. Quite on trend for 1993. Wouldn't be too out of place on Let's Get To It, but it's not that good.
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  11. I was also wondering why they didn't use 2 Hearts, In My Arms and Wow? Could it be it was already released outside US and they want a new song? Or is it because none of them went to UK #1? All I see is a mystery. Hhhmmm...
  12. I assume that the Benny Blanco mix of "Heart Beat Rock" was commissioned for a potential US single and I honestly would've preferred it to "All I See" (feat. MIMS).

    I always forget that the remix exists and that Kylie has previously worked with Benny. I'd be interested in an original collaboration between Kylie and Benny, tbh.
  13. I mean, Kylie paying for the All I See video herself since the label refused said everything we needed about them as a label. Couldn’t even be bothered throwing some cash down for the US fans. She took the US more seriously than they did post Fever. I appreciate the fact she didn’t just see it as an opportunity to become bigger, but as a way to connect to her existing fans. It’s disappointing they didn’t do more.
  14. Who was All I See offered to first? I’m sure I saw a promo once where she said that it was offered to a more R&B artist before Kylie and it was a late addition to the album?
  15. Yeah, I remember seeing on here before that the label fought for All I See over quite a few other artists. Wrongly so, since it doesn't fit Kylie at all.
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  16. There was just no need for a different US single for the X era. You’d think her label would have taken Red Blooded Woman’s lack of US success as a sign that Americans were interested in her for sounding different than everything else on Top40; they wanted dance pop, not more of the R&B-leaning efforts that already dominated the space. Wow was the perfect slice of ‘Love At First Sight 2.0,‘ and In My Arms was actually a fairly cutting-edge dance track for the time. Not saying either of them would have been hits, but they were more likely to make SOME dent - and certainly would have blasted to #1 on the US Club chart.
  17. [​IMG]
    I can't imagine who would even want it?!
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  18. It's very late 00s Janet Jackson style.
  19. Pop was becoming very producer-orientated at that point wasn't it? I don't think either Greg Kurstin or Calvin Harris were strong selling points in the States until the very end of the decade. I can imagine that's what put the kibosh on both of those for an American-sounding production by writers with track-records on the Hot 100.
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  20. I love how Kylie worked with Calvin Harris pre super star years.
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