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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Oh 100%. It feels like a misguided decision on the label’s part to ‘get a hit’ without understanding why Kylie gained any notoriety in the US in the first place.
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  2. I am almost certain I read somewhere "All I See" was originally pitched to Janet. Maybe I'm making that up.
  3. It could easily fit on Discipline.
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  4. This and Especially For You are on my homemade version of Enjoy Yourself
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  5. Had anyone even heard of Calvin Harris until the tabloids ran the story of how he was "producing her new album" the same week that the Acceptable in the 80s video went to TV?
  6. I mean this is ridicolous, This should have been a clue for Kylie she should have left the record company after this album. X was full of missed opportunities that the record company didnt take advantage of.
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  7. To go back to the "Jive sabotaged Kylie's US career" conspiracy theory, I did always find it interesting that Jordin Sparks, a Jive artist, had songs on her debut that sounded very similar to songs from X that happened to be produced by the same people; "Speakerphone" and "Shy Boy," "All I See" and "One Step At A Time." Maybe it was purely coincidental, but it makes you think.
    "All I See" is far too much of a Janet pastiche that it's no wonder it was rejected by Janet if it was indeed pitched to her.
  8. I just listened to Shy Boy for the first time because of your post, and it really is so similar. Not nearly as good as Speakerphone though.
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  9. I r
    I read that as well. I believe the producers confirmed it?
  10. I just listened to both too and One Step at a Time is shockingly similar to All I See!
  11. Kinda off topic but did anyone else notice how Kylie the early Alexis Jordan tracks were?

    Happiness and Change Your Mind even had the same instrumental.
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  12. They both sample deadmau5's "Brazil (2nd Edit)."

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  13. Hi it's me yet again, I've finally done something productive during this lockdown and made a Golden Tour Studio Version of Confide in Me! Hope you enjoy

  14. I heard for the first time that Ludacris was supposed to do vocals on the single Chocolate, is this true, its the first time im hearing of it.
  15. I randomly selected Ultimate Kylie on my CD collection and happy to listen to CD1. Checking the inlay, this is far superior than SBIT. The artwork and cover is just gorgeous.
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  17. Given that the Kylie 15th album thread is locked, podcast with Meagan Cottone has confirmed that the album is being wrapped up, they’re finalising the track list.

    round 33 minutes in. Apparently Kylie is hardcore and has been working through lockdown. We love a pop girl who consistently delivers. Maybe we’ll have the album this year.
  18. Oh my. This is just about the only good thing for 2020 so far it would seem.
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