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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. It's the second half of Body Language that gets problematic.

    'After Dark' and 'I Feel For You' are b-sides at best.

    'Loving Days' and 'Someday' are great but the second half needs something more up-tempo and 'Toxic' would have been perfect.
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  2. Though they do have similar influences, Kylie and Dannii are quite different artists and Neon Nights is a very Dannii project that I can't imagine Kylie doing.
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  3. Getting the title of 'your girl Dannii's' album wrong three times in one post. Scandalous.

    I think Neon Nights does have one or two tracks that would have suited Kylie, but I think it's a really cool sound that Dannii did well with and I can't imagine Kylie singing, especailly I Begin To Wonder or Who Do You Love Now. They are Dannii songs through and through, much like Toxic is Britney, since that's been discussed a bit here lately.

    And just imagine the reaction if Kylie had done Vibe on!
  4. What’s everyone’s fave collaboration? Mine are Whistle with MUM and also Crave You with Flight Facilities - I love when she’s a bit quirky and she always pulls it off!
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  5. I'm still mad that when Kylie and Chris Martin finally collaborated, it was for a charity single that was largely slept on.

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  6. I'm also really fond of In Denial, Pas si loin, Devotion and LAZY.
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  7. In Denial is bliss, most of the others... meh
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  8. Just Jack’s I Talk Too Much was pretty cool at the time
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  9. 'Whistle' and 'In Denial' are easily my favourites.
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  10. I love Really Don't Like U, In Denial, Where The Wild Roses Grow, and the Towa Tei tracks. I quite like Whistle too, very underrated among fans, unfortunately.
  11. OMG, I can't believe I wrote Neon Lights *facepalm*

    I had Neon Nights in mind so I don't know how that happened, I can't even
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  12. One of my fave Kylie x Calvin moments:

  13. There is no other artist that gives collaboration quality like Kylie, there is one for every musical mood you're in.

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  14. Good choices! What’s Pas Si Loin?

  15. Boptastic.
  16. A Kylie co-write and French version of Tears Will Dry which Christophe Willem released on his album. Hers hasn’t leaked. I don’t remember to which era it originally belongs.
  17. Oh wow! That’s cool
  18. OMG! I forgot all about that one. lol
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  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Prismophonic is really the Kylie album that never was.
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