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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Which store did you find it?
  2. It's a rose. Rose drinkers wanting to know "grape information" is an oxymoron.

    Not sure what to make of this, I do like Roisin but Kylie more.
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  3. I didn't even read the previous page of this thread before I posted my pic!

    It's pleasant and inoffensive. I'm happy to have bought it once purely to say I've bought Kylie wine, but at £9 a bottle you might as well get two bottles of the £4.50 house Italian pinot blush! Hahahahaha.
  4. Surely it's that Kylie and Róisín will never happen.
  5. Is there beef between the two?
  6. I don't think more than there is between our Ró and anyone else.
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  7. She didn’t seem salty here about Kylie can’t believe she invented dancing on a bar though

  8. I’ll just repost what I put in the Róisín thread:

    Roisin gave an interview to the Evening Standard a few years back where the interviewer compared her to Kylie and she said along the lines of 'I'm not Kylie, not that there's anything wrong with Kylie'. So very much doubt there is any beef, only an answer to a question (which is not likely to be 'yes' all things considered is it?)
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  9. I don't think they'd work well on a song anyway.

    Reminded me -

  10. Don't be such a snob! There's some terrific, well made roses out there. It's supermarkets and Blossom Hill catering to lazy drinkers that have gave rose a bad name.

    Anyway, I managed to pick up a couple of bottles this morning. Haven't tasted it yet (too early in the day for me), but from the colour of the liquid and the region on the back (Carcassonne, which is in the Languedoc region of France) it's probably a Syrah wine. Maybe a Cinsault blend. Raspberry/plum/cherry/violet/chocolate/tobacco flavours.

    I was expecting it to be a strawberry/watermelon Zinfandel so here's hoping it tastes nice later.
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  11. Let us know what you think!
  12. Just picked mine up (and one for a friend!) in Tesco Lewisham if anyone’s looking
  13. Any wine dry and over 11.5% is a winner.
  14. I had a little sip. Definite floral and red fruit in there, some mineral flavours. Quite light and crisp. Reminds me of Cerasuolo (an Italian rose wine).
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  15. Just discovered this In My Arms video clone, I've never seen it before.

    The song kinda slaps though. It came out around 2008 and was produced by j-pop-god Yasutaka Nakata, who also later remixed Get Outta My Way.
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  16. It’s very ‘winey’ - that’s coming from a non-wine drinker! It’s cool though, nice to try it!
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  17. Ami Suzuki's entire post-2005 career is "inspired" by Kylie.
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  18. I'm exactly the same! I dared to post something along the lines of "it's basically a bottle of cheap plonk with a Kylie sticker on the front" on a sayhey FB post and got a tirade of abuse. I promptly left the group.
  19. Well, is there any beef between Kylie and someone else ? It looks so un-Kylie !
  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Yas let's all stan the legendary Ami Suzuki and her iconic Supreme Show album!
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