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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. She also filmed an homage to the "Wow" video as well, only without the Violet Beauregarde wig.

  2. Did NOT think I was going to see love for Ami thee Suzuki here on this day! This song is a certified BANGER.
  3. I don't know why up to now, Kylie isn't releasing some of her previous catalogues in vinyl? I just wish this is on her plan while we wait for her new music. Impossible Princess to Kiss Me Once vinyl exclusive on her website so that it international fans can buy it. Ugh! To think I don't have any vinyls on my collection but this is a good treat to her fans.
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  4. BMG are probably wanting to curate the reissues properly and source the assets needed to make a proper package, rather than just put out basic/enlarged scan reproductions like the Madonna ones.
  5. Wasn't there plans initially for BMG to re issue her back catalogue last year which obviously never ended up happening.
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  6. I’d rather just the new music then between this and the next campaign a decent reissue campaign.

    The Step Back In Time era was done at the right time with Glastonbury and the summer tour but it’s time for something fresh from our Queen.
  7. Bottoms up.

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  8. There were plans, but there was never any confirmed timetable. I can imagine they'd like to give a bit of breathing room between Step Back In Time before dropping seven plus boxsets.
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  9. I like what Urban Outfitters did to Britney. It was like every 3 months (not sure), there was a pressing of her albums in vinyl. Fans were treated so well.
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  10. I am so close to getting her work custom pressed, but I've held out as I just think it's insane all her work isn't available on vinyl? I mean come the fuck on!
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  11. I just wish they’d press Fever, even on black vinyl. If they can make 1500 for Sainsbury’s and another lot in red for a random indie music store, I don’t get why they’re holding back on just sending more to the printers and selling them on Amazon?! They’ve already designed it & had master plates made, all they’d need to do is resend the order to the pressing plant.
  12. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Her Parlophone albums would be reissued/pressed by Warner.
  13. Someone on this forum ages ago said that it has all depended on rights and timing.

    The PWL vinyl re-issues were done by PWL before that back catalogue passed onto Kylie. There was an IP vinyl re-issue planned by an independent pressing house but that got scrapped because Kylie is a few years away from getting the DeConstruction rights.
  14. Independent pressing house like Pledge to Dannii's Neon Nights? I read and saw some posts on IG about the quality and fans were not happy. I hope Kylie will find a good pressing house from her Decon and Parlo albums.
  15. I mean, I love Neon Nights... but it is a cheap packaged pressing because of the Pledge campaign (thank goodness this all happened before Pledge went bust and kept all our cash)

    I've recently read that a lot of labels are mostly happy to take a licensing fee for a short run of vinyl of one of their catalogue titles. Economically it works out better for them for stuff that's not a major concern for them - they don't have to pay upfront costs/promo and get a mechanical fee for each unit. Cherry Red claims they can make a profit if they can sell 1,000 copies of a title, compared to a higher figure if the same record was released by the original company. So the reality is, we'd still be waiting on a Neon Nights vinyl if she hadn't done the Pledge campaign.

    Dannii, god love her, bumped it up a bit with the signed (folded) poster but it would have been lovely if it had been in a thick shiny card jackets instead of paper stock that belongs in Heat magazine's printing warehouse.
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  16. I would assume this would also be the reason that the 2 disc edition fo KM94, announced by Vibe On in 2016 was scrapped?

    Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 14.51.41.png
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  17. I've been revisiting some of Kylie's live albums and remain blown away by her vocals in the last 30 seconds of Your Disco Needs You on the Kiss Me Once tour. I remember being impressed at the gig but it really does stand up when you have no visuals and aren't on a Kylie High

    (Shout out too of course to Aphrodite's If You Don't Love Me. Blissful)
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  18. Have a watch of The Vocal Coach’s review of Your Disco from Kylie Christmas - it’s really cool to see her go through and give her take on the live vocal
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  19. I always presumed the Vocal Coach was an arsehole
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  20. I'm rewatching some of Kylie's 2019 festival performances right now and I still find it hard to grasp what an absolute triumph of a song Confide In Me is, no matter which incarnation. I wonder if back in 1994 she realised just how much of a timeless classic this song would become.
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