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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Kylie just tweeted that the first K25 announcement will be coming SOON!! Exciting stuff! What do you think it will be? What do you want it to be? I'm hoping for news of a whole new studio album along side the orchestral greatest hits. I can dream hey?

    So far we know of a TV special and the above mentioned orchestral album as definites. Does anybody else have any other news on K25? Can't believe it's been 25 years....Damn...
  2. SBK


    She's retiring.
  3. SBK


    I would cry for 25 years if she did.
  4. Only 24 years as far as the UK is concerned, but I guess it's meant to cover her worldwide career (the original Locomotion was '87 in Australia to be fair, I suppose).

    Maybe a proper Best Of/Anthology/DVD project at long last.
  5. I laughed.

    Then freaked out at the possibility!
  6. SBK


    I'm sure, knowing Kylie, K25 will spill over into 2013 as well. She's bound to do another world tour.

    Most of the releases / shows / books whatever will be this summer with tour late this year / early next.
  7. It'd be grim for sure!
  8. There's the possibility of the Anti-Tour too as well but I see that tying in with the Orchestral/Acoustic album.

    Please don't ever freak me out ever again, I couldn't handle it if she retired.
  9. Well she's bound to retire eventually...
  10. I love how Kylie fans get "K25" with a series of releases and events and us Madonna fans got... Hard Candy.
  11. CANNOT WAIT for this announcement though! I'm wishing my life away....Sad but true...
  12. An official announcement of the Anti Tour would be wonderful.
  13. How many years did Madonna celebrate with Hard Candy?
  14. SBK


  15. Thanks for making me do the research myself.
  16. 3Xs


    Weeping @ "75". Oh god.

    New best album please!! Along with another studio album. They could release them simultaneously.
  17. SBK


    Lets not cry about it, I was just kidding.
  18. Turns out it's 85, so you were wrong!!
  19. SBK


    Well she does look young for her age.
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