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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. A list of performances, public appearances and interviews conducted last year:
    21/02/2012 Brit Awards

    03/03/2012 Mardi Gras
    15/03/2012 Fifi and Jules Interview
    18/03/2012 Anti Tour (Melbourne)
    20/03/2012 Anti Tour (Sydney)

    01/04/2012 Manchester (Anti Tour)
    02/04/2012 Manchester (Anti Tour)
    03/04/2012 London (Anti Tour)

    23/05/2012 Cannes (Holy Motors)
    24/05/2012 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS
    28/05/2012 Timebomb (Live at The Voice UK)
    29/05/2012 Glamour Awards 2012

    01/06/2012 Hamish and Andy Show
    01/06/2012 Alan Carr Show
    04/06/2012 Diamond Jubilee Preformance
    20/06/2012 The Soup
    20/06/2012 Chelsea Lately
    20/06/2012 ExtraTV Interview/Perez Hilton
    21/06/2012 The Morning Show
    22/06/2012 Fashion Police
    23/06/2012 Gay Parade New York
    26/06/2012 SiriusXM KTU Interview
    28/06/2012 What Happens Live
    28/06/2012 French festival Cinéma Paris
    29/06/2012 O2 Silver Clef Trophy Award

    03/08/2012 Locarno Film Festival
    14/08/2012 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Party

    07/09/2012 GQ Men of the Year awards 2012
    08/09/2012 BBC Proms In The Park

    02/10/2012 Rio Festival 2012
    11/10/2012 New York Film Festival*
    11/10/2012 BBC Radio 2 interviews
    12/10/2012 The Wendy Williams Show
    22/10/2012 The Q Awards
    24/10/2012 Prince Charles Dinner
    28/10/2012 The Jonathan Ross Show

    01/11/2012 Le Grand Journal
    02/11/2012 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi
    08/11/2012 The One Show
    13/11/2012 Dancing With The Stars
    14/11/2012 Jay Leno
    18/11/2012 Strictly Come Dancing
    23/11/2012 The Chris Evans Show
    27/11/2012 Am Manager Awards
    28/11/2012 Fashion Launch at Harrods*

    01/12/2012 Benissimo Finale
    03/12/2012 Royal Variety Performance
    06/12/2012 X Factor Italy Finale
    09/12/2012 Rod Stewart's Christmas Special
    21/12/2012 Alan Carr: Chatty Man
    31/12/2012 Sydney New Year's Eve
  2. I wouldn't consider red carpet appearances/parties/interviews as hard work really.
  3. But she was busy though!

    I guess Kylie has become to familiar and I think an extended break would be good for Brand Kylie, especially Pop Star Kylie.
  4. I'd agree if it didn't feel like K25 attracted more attention that her previous two or three albums combined, in terms of building her appeal to the world. It feels like it will go to waste if she doesn't release this year. On the other hand, with all those comebacks it could go either way. Go unnoticed or ride on the craze.
  5. I just had that thought too. Think of all the comebacks where getting this year - Beyonce, Britney, Justin, Katy... There's no way Kylie can compete with that.
  6. SBK


    Terrible photoshop,

    It's not that weird, the article says she left Terry because her Dad didn't agree with the direction he was taking her. Perhaps Kylie wasn't happy with it either? I mean surely just because your dad doesn't like your new music isn't a reason to sack your manager, not if you're into it.

    He's credited on the Flower artwork.

    As long as her tours are as lucrative as they have been recently, and she keeps getting endorsements she'll have no problem getting a deal with the majors. They love a good 360 deal where they don't have to work because the music is all they've got with an artist...

    Anyway, a break is probably advisable after breaking such a long term relationship. 25 years with the same manager, she has to start from scratch again with a new team, it'll take time to find the right person, and then settle.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  7. I very much doubt that's what they meant. They were talking about the direction of her career, not the direction of the new music. The manager is not responsible for that to such an extent that it would be logical to blame it on him.
    Plus, the newest article says that no such thing has happened anyway (not that we can take one article as more credible than the other...).
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  8. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Terry Blamey is a legend but I could see Kylie and co thinking a new fresh younger team could work better for her.
  9. SBK


    Its a shame for Terry though. I'm glad it was amicable and they're still friends. Makes her speech when giving him that award in December all the more special.

    He'll probably retire now won't he? Where would you go after managing Kylie, one of the biggest stars in the world into your 60s?
  10. It's sad, but it had to happen some day. I just wish the best for both, and that Kylie keeps going as good as she has lately.
  11. I think a break will do her some good. She needs some fresh ideas and a little bit of inspiration. Then she can return to pop fully invigorated.
  12. LTG


    kylie minogue ‏@kylieminogue

    #lovers #notquitting ❤
  13. I don't think we need to feel sorry for Terry. It sounds like they've parted as friends. And if he's been getting his 10% throughout her career, she'll have made him a very wealthy man. Now he's in his 60s it's time to enjoy that money!
  14. SBK


  15. I was being conservative! It's 'Mister 20%' these days, is it?!
  16. She's (hopefully) looking towards the next five/ten years and a man in his 60s, whilst having a wealth of experience, maybe isn't the best person to take her forward into such a long period. And yes, it sounds like he's earned a rest. He's obviously done a great job all these years.
  17. The important thing is that Steve Anderson must never retire.

    Or die. Ever.
  18. Totally bummed that this likely means we won't get a new album from her this Spring/Summer. If she was already recording for her next album, I hope there isn't too long of a break, or else the songs may sound dated.

    I think it's well deserved she take a break and focus on her personal life (she is, after all, incredibly hard working). However, to say she is taking a break from music to focus more on acting, that's a bit disappointing. I mean, lets be honest, she isn't the finest actress. Whereas she is a remarkable pop star.
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