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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Well, having not seen holy motors yet but the reviews of her small part have been universally praised. I think it's an exciting time to be a Kylie fan. I have wanted to see her stretch herself for years, and it now looks like that's just what she has decided to do. Go Kyles
  2. Agree 100% - I was just listening to Kylie Minogue (1994) and thinking about how well it has aged (I obviously trimmed the last track from my iTunes version as no one wants that atrocity rounding off the album). Forgot for a moment that she's actually in the charts now with her 'Music For The Boring' charity project...
  3. This.

    I adore the lady, but I'd rather her focus on a new musical era. One that is innovative, mature, and commercially viable. Few if any of her contemporaries have managed that. If she's looking for a challenge, I feel like this is the one to go for.
  4. I am totally disappointed that Kylie is not putting out a new studio album this year. I thought there will be a new album 3 years after Aphrodite and here we are at 2013 and this "i am taking a break" news came out and I was really expecting a new album from her this year especially she mentioned it last year when she talked to Perez hilton that her next album might come out in 2013. Ugh! A 4 year-gap between Aphrodite and the 12th studio album is just too long. She isn't gonna get mainstream success again if she keep doing long gaps between her studio albums. I know she had a busy year last year but most of the things that she released last year seemed like a fan-only release.
  5. Aren't the Abbey Road Sessions considered a studio album? It was recorded at one of the most famous studios in history.
  6. The tracks from the album were already released before. The songs had new arrangement/sound but it is not exactly an all new studio album. People hardly consider it as a studio album.
  7. I think 'Abbey Road' and the whole K25 year has been successful enough to let her disappear for a while. She could take, say 18 months out and it wouldn't seem to the public like she's been away too long. For us rabid fans it would. But let's remember the 90s when 4 years between albums was the norm!
  8. There is a world outside pop forums and Kylie has not registered much in recent years at all. Let's face it, she has become Cliff Richard (circa late 80s) only really appearing on people's radar at Christmas each year and Royal social events.
  9. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I just don't have the heart to tell her.
  10. And that was the time that her music career was at her lowest. I don't know why she always takes long gaps between her albums. Its not like she writes all the songs from her albums. A lot of artists right now, releaseanalbum-gototour-recordnewalbum in just 2 years and after that they will release another studio album. I just think for someone who has been in the music industry for 25 years, I think Kylie could have done more than 11 studio albums. I miss her early Parlophone days, that in just 2 years, she managed to release 2 great albums and both of those albums had a big hit and the follow-up singles from it did well too. When K35 hits, maybe Kylie would just be releasing her 14th or (slower) her 13th studio album. Plus she's not in her twenties or thirties anymore, she's not getting any younger when she's taking a break.
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  11. Exactly, which is why she can't pump out an album and tour every year.
  12. I think she disappears as she once said in an interview she likes to fade out after a while so 'people don't get sick of her'. Which isn't a bad thing necesarily. For the first four years of her career, it was an album and four singles a ayear plus tours. I suspect that got a bit much and she's got a healthy balance now. Let's face it, she doesn't NEED to rush back now to continue her career. She knows to a certain extent the 'glory' days are over and she has a new kind of 'always going to be an icon' regardless of how often she releases or how high she charts.
  13. Kylie should pump out these albums while she hasn't reach that age where people stopped buying her singles. People would still keep buying her albums even if she's in her 60s but singles, I don't think so. So while she's still have like 10 to 15 years before reaching that age, she should keep working hard in getting more hits.

    I'm just not gonna be content with that. I want Kylie to be always on top, always having hits and she's gonna fade into irrelevance if she doesn't starve for success and if she's just gonna be content with the major success that she achieved in the past.
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  14. SBK


    No ones actually said there won't be an album this year, I mean its unlikely the way things are looking but you never know.
  15. People have already stopped buying her singles, and constantly pumping out singles hoping something sticks just doesn't make sense for Kylie (or really any pop star). She needs this time to find her feet again and regroup - it's a bit telling that All The Lovers was a one of her biggest hits in years and years when obvious-Kylie tracks like Get Outta My Way only made a tiny ripple.

    Kylie is still starving and striving for success, but it looks like she has her eye on the bigger picture, rather than tomorrow.
  16. Andrés Velencoso's penis? I can't blame her.
  17. Kylie's to do list:
    1. Andres
    2. Dinner with Willy
    3. Andres
    4. Tweet some emoticons
    5. Andres
  18. Ha! 'Tweet some emoticons'. I invariably see them as little squares. Maybe it's better.

    I wish I had her to do list. (I'd skip dinner with Willy.)
  19. SBK


    Is that dinner with Andres willy? ....
  20. Probably dinner of Andre's willy. Kylie, you saucy minx.
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