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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Just did the Kylie revival now and didn't realise that Side A (for that is what is was for me) was really quite so epic, and the rest of it was pretty decent to! It was the SAW link that has put me off them (first two albums) for so long, but they are going on the ipod now and have jumped several places up my top Kylie albums!! But wow, how young does she sound on it!

    Oh and also, Got To Be Certain was always such a favouite, even more so than Locomotion and Lucky!!
  2. Enjoy Yourself has I'm Over Dreaming (Over you), Nothing To Lose and Enjoy Yourself as well as the singles, the only thing not to love about it is that it's only 32 minutes long.
  3. They are both good albums and have very strong singles, but I prefer Kylie hands down.
  4. *controversial opinion alert*

    Kylie is her weakest album and I don't really like anything on it. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi is probably the strongest because it's a bit more mature. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the singles but their generally quite weak and naff, whereas Enjoy Yourself onwards had a bit more sophistication to it.

    I love Got To Be Certain as well, but it's not one of my favourites. And I Should Be So Lucky is obviously a classic. But all the album tracks are non-events and were total filler.

    Enjoy Yourself was a massive step up and to me, that's where the true essence of Kylie began.
  5. 'Got to Be Certain' and 'Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi' are two of my very favorite Kylie tracks.
  6. They're the three songs, bar the singles, that make the album worth hearing. 'Enjoy Yourself' is particularly progressive for its time. It almost sounds like it could have been on 'Rhythm Of Love'.

  7. I really enjoy the Kylie Minogue (Deconstruction) album. I think Confide in me has been bit overplayed on tour, so I've gone off it a bit, but the rest of the album (excluding the dire If I Was Your Lover) is catchy, mature, slightly reminiscent of Let's Get To It, and contains some of her best ballads. Especially side 2 starting with Dangerous Game and ending with the almost trancey Where Has The Love Gone and Falling.

    There's so much to like in this era, including the Confide B Sides and mixes, and all the tracks that never made the album, such as Difficult By Design and Gotta Move On. Also the loving and respectful dual disc rerelease was a treat.

    Personal favourites - Surrender and Automatic Love. Time Will Pass You By is also a guilty pleasure, although the M-People Bandwagon jumping was a bit shameless.
  8. Since we're talking about her back catalog, Deconstruction Era Kylie was a favorite of mine and Kylie Minogue 1994 just barely edges out Impossible Princess as my favorite pre-2000 Kylie album.

    I also love how in an attempt to be taken seriously as a recording artist and not a sex kitten, she produced what is easily the sexiest of her album covers in my opinion.
  9. The 1994 album is amazing. It's like what she wanted to achieve with Let's Get To It but done with proper care.

    Confide In Me is obviously my favourite track but I also have much love for Falling and Where Has The Love Gone. The longer the better.

    And the video for Where Is The Feeling. Now that's sexy.
  10. Kylie Minogue 94's sound was very much of the time, so it sounds so dated now. It was another slight revisit disappointment. Some great songs though, and Dangerous Game is great.
  11. It would have preceded Better The Devil You Know wonderfully as the 5th and final single had it been released.

    There are many reasons why I love all of Kylie's albums and to me each offers something a bit different to love. So on the topic of Kylie Minogue (1994) is huge for me, not least because it was released at a tough time in my life. I think along with Light Years it is her strongest album in terms of vocal performance, she sounds so strong on every track and some of the ad-libs are just incredible. Confide In Me was such a brave move. I often refer to it as my favourite song of all time, though truthfully that frequently changes, as it does for most of us I'm sure. The single was immaculate from the artwork to the mixes (Big Brothers Mix is the best mix ever) to b-sides (possibly her 2 best) and the video is fantastic.

    The absence of Confide during the X tour was the only time I've missed a song so it's funny that you mention it's overplayed Johnny_d, I can see your point though, but for me it's as essential as her doing Head or Devil, those 3 songs represent the 3 stages of her career perfectly.
  12. Kylie Minogue (1994) bores me to be honest...
  13. KM94 probably has her best vocals ever.
  14. It's not my favourite I prefer Let's Get To It more and that's another album I'm not really fond of, I'm grateful this era gave us Confide In Me, Put Yourself In My Place, the BIR Dolphin Mix of Where Is The Feeling and of course If You Don't Love Me and Nothing Can Stop Us as B-Sides. I listen to some album tracks occasionally like If I Was Your Lover, Surrender, Where Has The Love Gone and Falling but I rarely tend to listen to it as a whole, the sound of the album is very of it's time unlike her other albums it's not aged well bar a few tracks.
  15. As per usual, I agree with everything you said ChristopherP. I still think it's her best album artwork too.

  16. Craig, you and me should just take turns posting in this thread. It's not like our opinions differ!
  17. Sod the posting, let's just take control of her career!
  18. KM94 easily has the best vocal performances of any Kylie album. I loved the way she used her voice on that record.

    I was a bit let down when I got Impossible Princess only to discover that some tracks had whiney vocals that sounded like Kylie channelling Alanis or Liam Gallagher.
  19. Although I have an appreciation for it, the album itself bores me to death.

    Too many over long songs, very few hooks, and very dated now.
  20. When she signed to DeCon, I was hoping for a bunch of dance anthems like K-Klass 'Let me show you'. The only song that sounded vaguely like my fantasy was 'Where is the feeling' and they took all the fun out of that when it eventually came out. I love 'Confide' and 'Put yourself..' but it was all so desperate to not be too 'Kylie' and that took all the fun out of it.
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