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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. It'll be reunion of The Sheilas.
  2. Dont joke, I wouldnt put it past Pete Waterman, he is a horrible bastard.

  3. Thanks for that. Its amazing. Zac was one of the Aphrodite Dancers/Aerialists, and his brother Dane, my BFF apparently got a call out in the second show. So jealous I couldn't go because me and Dane started the whole "SING WORD IS OUT" phenomena!

    I really hope this gets a dvd release....
  4. OK so it was back to reality with a thump today. I'm still processing everything that's happened over the last few days. The husband is currently in MasterChef NZ and he got to meet Adriano Zumbo, his food hero. I saw a friend I haven't seen for 15 years, that's all irrelevant here anyway, but basically it was already a great trip without the fact I was seeing Kylie twice!

    So to the lady herself. I got to The Palace at about 4pm, when we got inside after doors opened the people in front of me had all got to the front, as I'm the height of Miss Minogue myself, we decided to stand on the stairs by the sound desk and had a great view of the stage. There were at least 3 cameras filming the show, 1 stage right and 2 set up at the back of the sound desk, hopefully something will come of these recordings.

    The show itself was incredible, Kylie was looking amazing and (I say this every time) sounding better than ever. The atmosphere was the best of any show I've seen in Australia (Aussies seem a bit more subdued compared to the UK audiences). The best thing for me was that there hadn't been any shows previously so we had no idea how things would proceed, it was all new and a total surprise, the cheers every time the crowd recognized each song were deafening! We got a line of What Kind Of Fool. She did a line of Did It Again, and, in typical Kylie fashion, forgot the words entirely so ended the chorus which the chantey bit from Take Me With You, then said 'I know that bit was from a different song!"

    I think on the whole the setlist was as near to perfect as they could have made it and it flowed really well. BPM is not a song that I would have even put in my top 40 wish list but it worked really well live. Stars was great with a bit of Steve Anderson magic sparkled over it, it was great to hear Got To Be Certain but again, Tears On My Pillow would not have been anywhere near my wish list (it's the only song I would change on the setlist). Unsurprisingly, again Christopher P, hearing You're The One has made my life a little better (It was at the top of my list). I got particularly emotional during Tightrope and Bittersweet Goodbye and I was a quivering mess when she did Paper Dolls. The lasers during Drunk/Say Hey we're simple but oh so effective. And, in the spirit of trying to keep this short, Too Much and Disco Down were completely epic, It was wonderful hearing That's Why They Write Love Songs and Enjoy Yourself was a perfect close to the show.

    The Sydney experience was just as good, discounting the element of surprise, a little hotter and I was much closer to the stage. The extra bits from the show were great, a chorus of Step Back In Time, Rainbow Connection from The Muppet's, almost half of Loving You, a bit of Let's Get To It and a bit of Word Is Out, again she could hardly remember the words. She must've brushed up on them for the 2nd show because she knew it a lot better then from what I've seen on Youtube.

    Do I think the should have done anything differently? Not really, the setlist is almost flawless. The only thing I would do is remove Tears On My Pillow and include something from KM94, probably Nothing Can Stop Us. As someone mentioned it really shows up some flaws in Parlophone's A&R and I also felt a little as if they were throwing as much of her diverse career in to see what gets the best reaction so they know where to go from here.

    So all in all an incredible trip and easily the best 2 Kylie shows I've ever seen, incidentally the Sydney show was my 25th proper Kylie concert.

    I'm just uploading a full HD video of You're The One which looks pretty good if I do say so myself (aside from the middle bit where I couldn't restrain my dancing feet! and if anyone wants to look at my photos they're on my Flickr page.

    Melbourne photos:
    Sydney Photos:

    I hadn't anticipated such a long post, yet I have a lot more I wanted to say. Those who are fortunate enough to go to future shows are in for a real treat.

    Haha, thanks!

    While I'm at it, is there a reason the F1 show has been cancelled?
  6. Yes, it's been pretty fantastic so far!

    Here's my video. You're The One in full and in HD. *WARNING; may contain a bit of shaking due to over excitement*
  7. . *WARNING; may contain a bit of shaking due to over excitement*

    Hands down, the popjustice quote of the day. Amazing.
  8. How great was Stars live? I've always liked it but Kylie's little descriptor at the beginning about the track and her cancer battle just made it all the more intimate and emotional.

    Even after seeing it live in person, I still find Magnetic Electric a very strange choice to open the show with.
  9. Just been looking at your photos Craig and the Kylie tattoo, where have I seen that before? Its in a book or something isn't it?? Is that your leg?
  10. I really enjoyed reading your review of the show Craig and you could have said a lot more if you wanted to, I'm sure everyone here would be interested. I would like to know how much audience interaction there was and if Kylie shared her memories of the songs before singing them. It sounds like a magical night!
  11. Thanks. She did interact with the audience really well, singing lines here and there from songs people were shouting. She said a bit about a few of the songs; You're The One being leaked & working with Steve Anderson, Cherry Bomb being on peoples wishlists, Bittersweet Goodbye being about a dear friend, Stars and her illness, Tears On My Pillow and memories of Lola Lovell, and she brought out the scarf when she did Enjoy Yourself.

    I really wanted to say hello to Steve actually but couldn't muster up the courage, We were right next to the sound desk in Melbourne.

    The only thing I really wish for was that there was a tour book, still it was great they managed to get some merchandise made in time.

    Yes it's my leg and yes it was in the K book (the big pink one with her fist on the slip cover). That's a whole other story!

    Are we getting a K25 track today being that the 25th is on Sunday, or will she wait till Monday (which is my birthday!)
  12. Craig, that video was so well shot. Thank you.

    A lot of Kylie's demos were demos for a reason - but I think You're The One is the true exception of the demos we've actually heard. It's genuinely good and not just 'good for a demo'. I think it could also be her best lyric ever.

    Of all this KM25 stuff, it's the only track I really want a studio version for.
  13. So I have a lifesize picture of Craig's leg at home. How amazing is that?
  14. RhythmNative I would agree about You're The One, it's easily her best unreleased track and I really hope we'll se a studio version at some point this year too. There are quite a few more unreleased tracks that I love and I think would have been worthy inclusions on their respective albums, Fall For You and Lose Control would have been great on X, but they aren't in the same league really.

    It's really not that amazing Christopher P, and you've made me blush a little!
  15. Thanks for the great review, Craig! It sounds like you had a fantastic time like I did. :)

    I'll also post a few thoughts. I came late to the Kylie party, having not known anything from 1989 to 2001 (yes, I'm American). But Kylie totally resurrected my faith in contemporary music with that hypnotic chug of "Can't Get You Out of My Head" and I devoured everything in sight. At the time, I was just getting to know my future wife online (through a Prince website haha!). Having grown up in South Africa and immigrated to Australia, she was much more familiar with Kylie and sent me Impossible Princess in the mail, which cemented my status as a tragic fan along with Hits+. Our relationship continued in a long-distance fashion for 4 years while I got my master's degree and moved back home after my Dad died. I came to Australia to visit during summers (my job as a community college lecturer had its perks!), and we had bought 4 tickets to the Showgirl tour for 2005 that were canceled due to her breast cancer. Nonetheless, when I finally did immigrate in 2006 and get married, it was the culmination of the best voyage in a life full of great ones, and Kylie had her own little role in that.

    My wife and I have seen her 8 times prior to Tuesday across 3 different tours and have had a blast each time, but this Anti-Tour show was the best yet. Due to a bulging disc that has become a fully-fledged protruding disc in my back, I had been really struggling to move for nearly 2 months. It's not fun to have to think about how you are going to put socks on every day. I'm a very active (some would say hyperactive) person, so the limited mobility felt like it had taken some of my spirit. In light of this, we got seats instead of general admission, and we were right in the very back row. Nonetheless, the view was still pretty excellent. I got a spinal injection the day before and it really helped my mobility, so getting up and dancing, jumping (to my wife's great worry) and singing to tracks like "Magnetic Electric" and "Cherry Bomb" was such a magical experience. Hearing those songs and feeling no pain augmented the whole feeling. Plus, being in the very back, my 6'3" ass could dance a fool and not worry about blocking the view of people behind me. I even cried during "Paper Dolls", a rarity for me, but that song always turns me to mush, so sitting next to the love of my life and finally feeling that there was a light at the end of the tunnel with my back must have done it to me.

    The setlist was indeed excellent. I'm not going to complain about not hearing most of what would have been my choices (I'm a Body Language aficionado first and foremost) because I had never heard any of the songs performed before. It felt like such a gift to the fans and it is this sense of connection that really distinguishes Kylie from her peers, in my view.

    This ended up being way longer than I anticipated, but I'm happy to be able to share my thoughts.
  16. I must admit, I never saw the fuss over You're The One for a while, until people started begging for it to be on the Anti-tour so I gave it a proper listen and it hit me. Stunning song, she has to release it in some form.

    One thing I'd love is for her to release Impossible Princess as she originally intended it, using the initial tracklisting. She wrote some of the album's best songs after that tracklist was abandoned, but it would be nice to see what Kylie had in her head.
  17. LJB


    Moonbeam, thank you so much for that post. That was really nice to read.
  18. It occurs to me that Anti Tour must be a slightly weird process for her for two reasons;

    The demos and rareities only include the stuff we've actually heard by way of releases and leaks. There might be just as many songs Kylie has recorded that has simply never leaked so doesn't warrant performance. And she might like some of those songs better...

    Then the album tracks she's doing must have been dismissed as singles or tracks to perform live when touring that album for a reason. I'm mainly talking about Disco Down. At some point a group of people which included Kylie not only ruled it out a single, but also as one of only a few Light Years tracks she wasn't going to perform on the LY tour.

    My basic gist is that the reality of the anti-tour could be that Kylie is performing at least some songs she doesn't really care for. And if that's the case she's doing a good job of hiding it.
  19. My pleasure!

    Let me add that the song that really jumped in my estimation from this show was "Mighty Rivers". I had never given it much thought before, but it really is wonderful.
  20. But I think just because it wasn't a single or wasn't included on a tour doesn't automatically mean she doesn't like it? She may have been considering the fans more on those occasions, and putting her feelings aside, whereas now may be more about what she likes (mixed in with fan opinion).

    I think her happiness and enjoyment is as sincere and genuine as it gets. Every song is fresh and new, and probably brings back lots of memories. Without looking into it properly, I think at least half the songs were her co-writes, and continuing the theme of her lack of confidence in her writing, she probably loves being allowed to give these songs their time in the spotlight without feeling like she's showing off or being self-indulgent.
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