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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Moonbeam that was a lovely read, what a lovely story about meeting your wife.

    I just love reading everyone's Kylie experiences I hope one day (if I can get tickets to the Anti-Tour) I can finally experience it for myself I've not been able to afford to see Kylie in the past so it will be even more special for me because it's more intimate than her arena's tours. Also Intimate and Live is the one Kylie tour I would have liked to experienced so the Anti -Tour is the closest thing.

    The setlist as amazing as it is I would have liked to have seen a few more of Kylie's personal favorites Tears from IP era is one isn't it?

    But it shows how much she cares when she is performing You're The One, Disco Down and Made In Heaven probably the most wanted Kylie songs to be performed live.
  2. My point is that we're being spoiled recently by a Kylie of particularly sunny disposition and reflective mood; but good gosh, it's not always been like that!

    The idea of her even referring to the existence of a leaked demo 6/7 years ago would be so rare as to be shocking. She was always evasive about it. Remember when she said she couldn't remember if she'd recorded 'Excuse My French' during an 'X' interview? Even the official track-by-track discussion audio for that album was vague and detached. And despite her now saying she was aware that tracks such as Disco Down and You're The One were fan favourites; she's never publicly acknowleged them until now.

    I'm not complaining - I LOVE the happy Kylie we have now. But it is a different Kylie nonetheless that seems to be motivated by different things to the Kylie of ten years ago. The ambition to attract new fans, for example, seems to have waned in favour of a relaxed relationship with her existing ones. To watch her Fever era interviews (like Parky for instance) is to watch a different woman.
  3. Next K25 song is Sunday.

    From Facebook:

  4. I hear you. Another example might be her "Who would remember?" response to a journalist (from The Face?) pointing out she had already recorded a song called Love At First Sight.

    I think she may have genuinely accepted "herself" after having pretended to (or believed she had) for many years.
  5. Moonbeam, that was a great read too. I love hearing all the stories like this that give fans shared experiences.

    RhythmNative, I agree that, probably since Aphrodite, Kylie has been very different and she seems to be genuinely happy in her current position. I think maybe alot of the pressure has been removed from her regarding getting the next big hit, appealing to younger fans etc, perhaps due to the success of her tours. I don't think it's an issue that she's never really discussed these tracks before, they weren't singles, and it doesn't mean she doesn't like them. I don't think she would perform them if she didn't enjoy them. But I mast say ignoring Disco Down and Too Much on their respective tours was criminal!

    I think one of the best things about her continued work with Steve Anderson is that he is well in tune with what the fans want and probably helps to keep her in the loop where Parlophone just wouldn't do that and she probaby doesn't have the time to. Again particularly when it comes to live performances.

    I love the Kylie we have now too, and if she keeps surprising us with Orchestral bits and Anti-Tour bobs then, Iin the words of the woman herself, Things Can Only Get Better.

    It will be great to see some rehearsal footage but I'm glad they said that, I want the next track!
  6. Your story was a great read, Moonbeam!

    I am also in the minority who really enjoy Body Language (much more than Fever as well)!
  7. Body Language lovers unite!

    My ranking would go something like this:

    1. Body Language
    2. Fever
    3. Impossible Princess

    4. Light Years
    5. Rhythm of Love
    6. X
    7. Aphrodite
    8. Kylie Minogue

    9. Kylie
    10. Enjoy Yourself

    11. Let's Get to It
  8. I'm just uploading a fairly decent quality video of That's Why They Write Love Songs, with a bit of luck it'll be done by the time I get up in the morning!
  9. Add me to the Body Language lovers' list.
  10. Kylie is one sexy little woman isn't she?
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Mine is

    1. Rhythm Of Love.
    2. The Rest.

    The music, the risks, the videos, the remixes, the looks, GOLDER album era.
    Some amazing album tracks.

    The only weak link was the Tour.
  12. It's my favourite album of hers! Count me in!
  13. I agree, and of course Steve is also peerless at bring her tracks to life live

    my view on the 'she's changed':
    I don't think it's post Aphrodite I think it's post C that she has changed it just took her a little while to be comfortable within her new feelings of freedom. X wasn't what so many people wanted, so she publicly turned on it, I hated that that she acknowledged it wasn't good enough. I remember reading somewhere that before C she would limit herself to one square of chocolate a day and now she will eat the whole bar. Which I think is a great analogy of how she views life and her career.
  14. I love that analogy.

    My That's Why The Write Love Songs video is up, once again the sound id pretty good but apologies for the necessary 'dance breaks'!

    Up next; Rainbow Connection!
  15. UK DATES PEOPLE!!! from

    25 March 2012
    After four hugely successful Australian shows Kylie has today announced that she will be bringing the Anti Tour to England.
    Small, intimate, unexpected. A unique experience, for super fans only. Kylie and her band performing those songs you thought you’d never hear live! The flipside to a huge “Kylie production”, a once in a lifetime chance and a night to remember.
    Tickets for these shows will go on sale at 9.00am MONDAY 26TH MARCH 2012
    Numbers are strictly limited. These shows will sell out! Maximum 4 tickets per customer.
    Ticket information:
    Click here for tickets or phone 0844 871 8820
    The only other authorised outlets are the Ticket Factory for Manchester and Ticketmaster, HMV & Stargreen for London.
    Tickets for the shows are £79.00 – there are no booking fees – when booking, the only additional charge will be a small charge per transaction (not per ticket) for the despatch of your tickets
    Tickets booked to UK addresses will be despatched by Royal Mail Special Delivery.
    Please be advised If buying tickets from any other outlets the face value of the ticket is £79.00 – if you are offered tickets for more than £79.00 + a small charge for despatch you are buying from a secondary and/or ‘unofficial’ seller.
  16. Saw the Facebook update just now too.

    Oh crap! That's me worrying all day now and no sleep tonight! Already setting myself up for the disappointment of not getting tickets.... eecckk!!
  17. I'll hold out for some other European dates. That's way too much short notice to get everything organised if you're flying from abroad. Not to mention I actually have a job interview at the same time tickets go on sale.
  18. Can I just say that even though I wouldn't go to this as my Kylie fandom is not what it was, this Anti-Tour concept is a brilliant idea and really shows how Kylie appreciates her fans. I can't think of another popstar of her standing who'd bother to do this. The set list itself was astounding. Kylie really is great, and shows that giving the fans what they want doesn't have to be a huge artistic compromise or something to look down your nose at.
  19. I was going to go - but £79?? Sorry Kylie, love.
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