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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Standard layout at Hammersmith is seating so I'm pretty sure there is a slope after the first few rows.

    I will most definately be going for seating, being a short arse standing is just not practical, did it for From Me To You, and although it didn't spoil the show, it certainly wouldn't be a preference again - watching the show through upheld phones being one of my main gripes!!...
  2. of course I will take any ticket I can get :)
  3. MB


    As much as it pains me I think I'm gonna have to give it a miss. How and why this is more expensive than the Les F tour I have no idea! It's actually extortion to pay £79 for a gig at the academy which usually costs £15!
  4. I'm gutted it's been announced so soon, no time to plan a trip home. I wouldn't be allowed the time-off at such short notice & the flights would make it about £500 cos of easter.

    £79 is cheap for "real" fans. I'd pay twice that if I knew she was doing "I know".
  5. 'Too Much'. Say no more! Even to see 'Things Can Only Get Better'.
  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Manchester Acaademy is standing only, right? Everything's been written very vaguely.

    Every gig I've been to there certainly has been, but I thought I'd check as I need to know whether me and my friend would need to buy our tickets together or not.
  7. Yeah, we're in the same boat. I think the experience is worth every penny of the price.

    What stops me from going is that the gigs are happening right before Easter and plane tickets are much more expensive than usual and that's an expenditure I can't really justify.

    I'm really hoping there will be some dates on the continent. Paris, Berlin, I don't care.
  8. No Glasgow date?

    Naughty Kylie!!
  9. So after 12 or so hours begging friends and family i have settled on going to manchester alone... is this a step too close to pathetic? or does anyone want to adopt me for the day? dont know loads of the songs but Kylie is my number 1 and I intend to learn as many as possible before hand.
  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'd say it's more pathetic to not do something you really want to do, just because you can't get anyone to join you!
  11. Yes I think so too. I have to say, I'm shocked at the overall negativity regarding UK ticket prices though (especially the usual crazies on Say Hey). Considering I've seen the show and I had to travel to see it (there is zero chance she'll bring it to NZ, and in the past there has been zero chance of her travelling to Guernsey before I moved here). I would gladly pay more, it was a very special show and I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of missing out because of price to live on food scraps or sell your most prized Kylie possession because the memory of seeing this show in person is worth the sacrifice!

    Firstly, glad you enjoyed reading it. If I was a little more articulate, I probably would've written almost exactly what you have. Second, you're photos are great too, I would have loved to take my 'proper' camera with me but that's never gonna happen. I used a Canon PowerShot SX230hs, which has an awesome zoom (obviously) but is quite slow and the lazers confused the hell out of the focusing system!

    I did wonder how you got on in Sydney Guyhawke! we flew from Melbourne that morning and got to Luna Park at about 5ish, it doesn't sound like you were too far from where we were, about 3 bodies back and just left of centre.

    The I Don't Need Anyone footage is great.

    Christopher P, you'll get your change in Paris, Berlin or somewhere in Spain. It is certainly being implied that there will be more show in more locations.
  12. Nice tattoo, Craig! And thanks for your concert recap.

    Having just one week notice is a killer, isn't it? Doesn't leave any time to save up, it's too late to book time off work, and flights are expensive when booked late. Luckily I just got my tax refund cheque last week, and it'll cover the cost of a flight.

    Still, I've been spending all day wondering if I really want to skive off work for a day (and risk being fired if I'm found out), and blow my entire refund cheque for this show.

    Of course I do.
  13. I don't know anyone in Manchester either, but that's the show I'm planning to go to. Wanna hang out or something? I'm planning to arrive on Saturday and leave on Monday.
  14. That's the spirit!

    I've been so lucky in the past with employers letting me have time off for Kylie shows. I was told I couldn't have time off for the ShowGirl tour (the last shows I saw in the UK). I told my boss it wasn't optional and he said if I went he'd fire me, we were so short staffed I knew full well he wouldn't so I just went anyway! Fortunately, some of the insurance money for my earthquake damage came just before the Ant-Tour announcement, that's all gone now but who needs a dining table, a new bookshelf or computer desk anyway!
  15. There's nothing to be ashamed of in going to a gig alone! I went to the Anti-Tour alone and it wasn't my first solo gig. My friends aren't interested in most of the musicians I am, and I'd rather go alone than go with someone who doesn't really want to be there. You don't go to a gig for socialising; you go for the music. That's something you can enjoy alone. Better to go alone than not go at all! You'd be kicking yourself.
  16. Aaargh! Just got 2 tickets...I can now get officially excited!!
  17. In a way I'm relieved she's not coming to Glasgow. I've already bought tickets for Madonna and the Hit Factory Live show this month and a new laptop after the old one died and am literally skint until payday on Thursday. I'd gladly pay the £79 for this show but it's far too short notice to get time off work and I simply can't afford to travel to see it. I would have been so stressed out trying to get tickets if she was coming to Scotland and now I don't have that pressure!
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