Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Wow that was easy - got to my PC late, thought it would be sold out - HMV tickets still had standing tickets for Hammersmith. Purchased very easily !

Very very happy.
I should have gone to seatwave... someone just resold their tickets for £50!

They must have also paid a fee to sell them too right? madness. Well if anyone missed out London Apollo Tuesday - there are loads of tickets there for about the sale price.
I've just seen on Facebook the second Manchester is the last date for the UK to those unsure buy tickets or you might regret it £79 is worth the experience alone add travel on top then it's does get more pricey but it is worth it. If I had the money I would be going myself regardless of the price.


I see 'announced one last and final show in Manchester' -
could mean final Manchester show?
Yeah it obviously means that, oops I didn't read it properly, if the first London show sells out then next one added will most likely be the last show.

Whether she does shows in Scotland, Wales and Ireland is another thing.


You maybe right though who knows.
But London is the most 'flown in' date so I guess they will add more.
I wouldn't be surprised if they add 4-5 more London dates if they are not doing more Europe ones?
All morning I've been toying about whether to buy tickets. I live in N. Ireland so it would mean flights, hotel etc. My concern would be that my tickets wouldnt arrive in time!


I think See always gives non UK customers 'box office pick up' options, what about this time?
I think two dates in London will be it - the first didn't sell out for 3 hours so unlikely 5 dates etc. Plus the majority of Kylie fans want the spectacle not and anti tour. I agree a weekend date would have been better but hey ho.

Right I'm off to make a replacement Kylie pink lunchbox 1989 t-shirt as the image has cracked in storage, and all the bling fell off. Well it was 11 years since I last wore it.
I've had the Seetickets site open in the background and have been refreshing every 5-10 minutes all morning in the hope that the second London date would suddenly go up (as the Manchester one did) but to no avail obviously. Come on team Kylie, give us the second show!

I also think this will be limited to just the two shows though, keeping the exclusivity thing.
mikejmc5580 said:
Robbietoxic said:
I really don't think that £79 is too much either considering what this tour is.
Considering they could probably have charged £200 a ticket and still filled every venue, I'd have to agree. Yes it's expensive, but it's in line with the exclusive nature of the event.

Agreed. I'll be glad to pay that if she comes to Spain (or somewhere near)
Agree about having to stand with the hysterical fans, but in the end I went for standing as I worried that I might end up seated at the back of beyond. Looking forward to it! And it's only 2 weeks away!
Ferosell, you do realise its actually only in 6 days!
My print out reciept says 'Stalls standing' (for London) but the email just says 'Stalls'.

Can anyone tell me what kind of ticket I've got and whether it's decent or not? Sorry...I'm not very gig savvy.