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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. I decided against it too even when I had tickets ready to purchase.

    I love some of her rarities and "wilderness years" 80% of the songs she's been performing are amazing. But it's all just clever marketing making it so expensive, the last minute "spontaneity" etc. Why call it an 'Anti-Tour' when you're charging stadium prices?

    I guess if she'd named it "Tunes from flop projects and a couple of extras Tour" would have made it actually seem worth the 20-30 quid you usually pay for acts at those kind of venues. I'll wait for Robyn to tour again thanks.
  2. So there's no symphonic treat this month?
  3. I pretty much decided that if I'm questioning paying £79 to go then I don't really want to go enough, so it's better that someone else (i.e. a mega fan) buys the ticket.
  4. I just wish I didn't have to pay flights and accommodation on top of the ticket. I so want to be there though.
  5. Shesh! £79 is pricey, is that comparable to the Oz dates? I thought this tour was more of a gift for the fans? Team Kylie must be making a big profit margin on this, especially considering how pared down the tour is.
  6. All the "stalls" for London are general admission standing.
  7. Converting the Austalian price into pounds is £85 so not a lot of difference in price really to be fair I was kind of expecting it although the reasoning behind the price to get around scalping and touting hasn't really worked in the UK. There are not going to be as many dates as there would be for a full blown tour so she's not going to rake it in per say.

    For those interested converting the Australian price into Euros is 100 euros and using the UK price is 94 euros so between 94-100 euros for tickets doesn't seem too bad if it comes elsewhere in Europe.
  8. Seetickets is doing really strange things. It had the first Manchester date as "sold out" with tickets that can be ordered for the second date and London, but when you click through there's none available. Then an hour ago the Manchester date change back to the "order" status. Now, London is "sold out". I just know the 2nd London date will go live when I'm on my way home! Whoever posted earlier than ticket buying is incredibully stressful was right!!
  9. I caved in and got a ticket after all. I'm so excited I could scream. I still have to get air tickets and stuff arranged but my head is just spinning right now.
  10. I hate reading this thread as I decided against going since it would cost me minimum £300 in total, and I just can't do that. If she comes to Cardiff, which I know she won't, I'd be there like lightning, but London is just out of reach.
  11. There isn't a second London date apparently. The 2nd Manc show is the 3rd and final UK date.

    I was deliberating whether or not to get tickets even up to the last minute then Darren Hayes announced a tour and I decided he'd be the Australian act I go to see instead.
  12. I didn't know Darren was touring. I really don't think I can afford any more concerts for another few months. Lady Gaga will have to go screw if she announces her dates now.
  13. Well must say I'm very surprised by that. I'm a tad disappointed but I decided I'm not paying that amount and standing or seating way way at the back, and with a husband who loves Kylie but doesn't know the back catalogue that well. Oh well...
  14. Got a ticket for next Tuesday! I know my friend is going to make me queue up extremely early.
  15. I knew you would! You will not regret this decision!

    In terms of ticket costs £79 and $119AUD may equate to roughly the same but it takes the average Australian longer to earn that amount of money. I really don't understand the complaints about the price. Yes it's small, yes it's got no bells and whistles and yes other artists charge less. The first 2 points I make, in my mind, are reasons I'd happily pay more and the third, well, she's not other artists is she, she's Kylie.

    If you aren't happy paying that price, wait for the DVD and consider the fans who have to add flights and accommodation onto the ticket costs if they really want to see their idol perform.
  16. Is a DVD release very likely? Couldn't see it being a big seller. Might be nice if sold online. Although if Melanie C can release a DVD....
  17. I would have happily paid the price (and more), IF, it was indeed the intimate setting as originally promised. But the Hammersmith Apollo is a reasonably large venue, and when your only being offered the very last few rows (even at 30 seconds past 9am) I just couldn't bring myself to click confirm. I've been there towards the back, and it's not what I would want from the experience (similalry with not wanting to stand).

    But even though I'd be happy to pay that, I can appreciate it is a lot of money, and out of reach of many.
  18. I knew you would! Enjoy every minute of it, Chris.

  19. How early should I get there if I wanna be anywhere near the front, I wonder?

    You know...I got stalls at about 9.15 after being offered back row circle. But I was clicking 'best available' for which they may have assumed meant seated.
  20. Can't for the life of me remember if SeeTickets just post stuff with the rest of your post through your letterbox. If this turns out to be signed/special delivery when I'm out this week, I think I'm going to have a heart attack. Or if it arrives on Friday - I'm going away for most of the weekend!
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