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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. I'm in a similar position-bricking it! Got an email to say mine were dispached today s should be ok, fingers crossed for us both!
  2. What? I never got an email...
  3. It says they need to be signed for so they shouldn't be just shoved in the letter box. Although I hope the postie does, it'd save me a lot of fuss!
  4. I've not had any email saying mine's been dispatched.

    "Terms and conditions: Ticket despatch
    All Ticket purchased to UK addresses will be sent to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery
    There is a fee of £4.80 which includes the cost of this service. This will appear as a transaction fee applied whilst you are booking. As there is a very short lead in time to the shows we are using this service to ensure that your tickets reach you, as they cannot be replaced if lost. Please bear in mind that these tickets need to be signed for when leaving a delivery address."

    All sounds a bit scary. If I haven't managed to get mine on Friday I'll ring them up and get them to sort out letting me in on the door with my debit card and ID....failing which I'm driving a monster truck through the door.
  5. You live once, don't you?. I can't wait and I'm sure it will be amazing!
  6. I have to say, after buying a ticket more out of a Kylie concert ticket habit than anything else, I woke up VERY excited this morning.
  7. How could you not be?! So happy/jealous for all you guys who will get to see the show.
  8. I've made a setlist playlist as a revision aid.

    It's going to be amazing!
  9. It is such a good show. I may have been lucky since I was in a really great section since everyone around me was singing and dancing.

    Can't believe it's been one week since I saw it!
  10. My Steps tickets from See were delivered without a signature. Hopefully Kylie will be the same or else it'll get complicated.
  11. Snap! Ive not stopped listening to my 'Anti-Tour' playlist the last 24 hours (ok, a few times to listen to MDNA...)
  12. I just can't decide what to do as I'm not sure this "opportunity of a lifetime" sat six rows from the back wall of Hammersmith Apollo will outweigh the money I have parted with. Basically I am considering not going and would really like to be persuaded otherwise if anyone can help?
  13. SBK


    These will need to be signed for, the nature of the event, short lead time and high value face value means they need a signature - to stop people saying they lost them in the post.
  14. Buggeration. I might have to get the husband to work from home to wait for them.
  15. My tickets arrived! Sort of. I have to go to the sorting office to collect them but essentially they've arrived!
  16. If it helps I would happily sit with the gods at the O2 if I could just see the Anti-Tour one more time.
  17. Mine arrived today, had to be signed for.

    Smooth organisation.
  18. Very true, got my ticket and im off, i'l be a bit conscious by myself queuing and stuff because i'm quite shy but il be fine when the Queen comes on. CANNOT WAIT!!!
  19. I have my ticket for Sunday and it has arrived but now my friend wants to come and there is still availability on Ticket Factory but if she orders it tomorrow will it come in time?
  20. My tickets came today... I've made the best "Anti-Tour" Playlist I can...
    I love the Manchester Academy as a venue (saw Gaga there for the first time, and Hurts last year, and Hole the year before), and I can't wait to see Kylie there, as a complete opposite to the arena spectacle of Les Folies last year.
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