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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Through shared binoculars?
  2. If that's what it takes!

    Honestly it is easily my favourite show of hers and you will not regret it. I find the Australian audiences a little conservative in comparison to those in the UK. No-one was dancing around me at les Folies. But this tour the atmosphere was amazing so even though the venue is larger and you'll be further from the stage, it WILL be amazing!
  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Have I gone completely doolally or did Kylie first hint at doing this sort of thing several years ago? I'm sure I remember her saying something like that once.
  4. I think it's been an idea for quite some time, I vaguely remember her mentioning it just before the Les Folies tour started.
  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Thanks. I remember her stating in an interview that she'd love to do a show where she gets to sing all the songs that might not necessarily "fit" into a bigger production.
  6. Did she get the "anti tour" name itself from pop justice or did she come up with it on her own?
  7. I am almost 100% that in her next BIG tour there will be a section dedicated to the tracks most popular on the Anti-Tour. Almost like the Samsara Act at Homecoming.
  8. No, she started using it as a way to describe what it would be like, i.e. opposite to the Les Folies Tour.

    Mr James, I'd be really surprised if a couple of these weren't used next time, I'm thinking Too Much and Disco Down in particular, they aren't to obscure and they got some of the biggest reactions.
  9. My ticket arrived today.

    Woo hoo.
  10. I remember reading a few years agp that she had expressed a want to perform some of her lesser known stuff in a smaller setting. I think she has had it on the cards for years really, its just been findining the right time.
  11. I'm in 2 minds about this.

    on the one had I'm worried that the set list might be so obcure that I don't enjoy myself but on the other hand I don't want to spoil the surpise of what she's going to sing.

    Surely half the fun if seeing what forgotten gems will turn up on the list and I don't want to ruin that by knowing already.

  12. If your clean stay clean! The Australian set list is very accessable if your familiar with your album tracks and b-sides.
    Must admit I gorged myself on information on it and wish I hadn't now. But on the other hand it convinced me to see the show by any means necessary. Normally keep myself in the dark, first time i've slipped since Intimate & Live.
  13. We don't know for certain the setlist is gonna be exactly the same do we? Id imagine (hope) they'll change a couple of songs, although the 10 year old me will die if Enjoy Yourself still doesnt close the show!!

    Oh and my tickets arrived today!!
  14. I think she described it as "an anti-tour" and it became known as The Anti-Tour around theseparts and at Say Hey. Kinda like how "Kylie X" became officially X after a year of it being known as that on forums.
  15. Don't worry about the setlist being too obscure. It's not like she's doing a Getting Closer/Closer/Closer medley or something. (Though that would hardly be a bad idea and could even go under the title of Getting Closer Closer Closer. Yes, I'm a genius, I know.)

    Maybe two or three tracks could be described as really obscure choices, the rest are tracks that somehow got left out of tours for their respective albums or b-sides that have always been big fan favourites.
  16. Cool.

    But I won't be happy if she doesn't do 'One Boy Girl' along with a surprise guest appearance by Jazzi P (Or Azaelia Banks if Jazzi's busy)
  17. I begged and pleaded (my boss encouraged me to go) and i've moved some holidays round, paid £200 for flights and i'm going on Sunday night!!!!

    Told my Mum I was coming home to see her like ;-)

    I'm so very, very giddy.
  18. Yay! You didn't have to swim the Ocean blue either!
  19. Ticket arrived today...while I was out at work. Going to have to take an hour's overtime off on Friday and get a TAXI to the post office delivery place.

    No one else....
  20. But when you're there, you'll have forgotten all about it!
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