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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Quite! Until I hold that ticket in my hand my blood pressure is going to be through the roof.
  2. Snap. Always loved it.

    Even though I never understood why the lyrics included the phrase Enjoy Yourself when she doesn't even sing it.

    I remember thinking she was trying to rip-off Madonna's Express Yourself.
  3. The tickets have arrived at my friend's place! We are seated as two of us are short. And we'll have dancing space.
  4. Those who went in Australia, how long was the show?
  5. Just under two hours.
  6. Brilliant! Thank you!
  7. Nice badge lisaj.

    Think I had this one, back in '88.
  8. I think I've got that badge somewhere. Might wear it on Tuesday.

    Looking at the pics online it looks like the merchandise consists of two t-shirts, a tote bag and a key ring or something small. Is there anything else?
  9. Yes, 2 t-shirts, a bag and the small thing is actually a set of 4 badges. one says Anti, one has the red vinyl with Anti Tour written in the middle, one is the K25 logo and the other is a pic of Kylie from the Anti Tour photos.
  10. Has anyone got a list of Kylie's B'sides that haven't appeared on albums?

    I'm trying to complete my Kylie collection but it's really hard with so many different variations of each release on iTunes.
  11. These are the B-Sides I have on itunes that are not on a album:

    Glad To Be Alive (The Locomotion)
    Getting Closer (The Locomotion)
    All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine (Especially For You)
    Just Wanna Love You (Hand On Your Heart)
    We Know The Meaning of Love (Tears On My Pillow)
    Do You Dare (Finer Feelings)
    Closer (Finer Feelings)
    Things Can Only Get Better (Original Mix) (What Kind of Fool)
    Nothing Can Stop Us (Confide In Me)
    Love Takes Over Me (Some Kind of Bliss)
    Cover Me With Kisses (Spinning Around)
    Paper Dolls (Spinning Around)
    Ocean Blue (On A Night Like This)
    Santa Baby (Please Stay)
    Good Life (Please Stay)
    Boy (Can't Get You Out Of My Head)
    Rendezvous At Sunset (Can't Get You Out Of My Head)
    Good Like That (In Your Eyes)
    Harmony (In Your Eyes)
    Never Spoken (In Your Eyes)
    Baby (Love At First Sight)
    Soul On Fire (Slow)
    Almost A Lover (Red Blooded Woman)
    Cruise Control (Red Blooded Woman)
    City Games (Chocolate)
    B.P.M (I Believe In You)
    Made of Glass (Giving You Up)
    I Don't Know What It Is (2 Hearts)
    King or Queen (2 Hearts)
    Cherry Bomb (Wow)
    Do It Again (Wow)
    Carried Away (Wow)
    Los Amores (All The Lovers)
    Go Hard or Go Home (All The Lovers)
    Silence (Put Your Hands Up)
  12. I get like an email every 4 fours from see / the ticket factory etc. offering me tickets for the anti tour (hammersmoth Apollo). Out of interest I decided to click on the ticket factory one a minute ago (I already have tickets- yay!) and they offered me two seats circle block 2 row b! thats basically the best seats. Also on seatwave the tickets are selling for £44 now - I'm happy the touts got stung. However the reality is this isn't a sell out. I shouldn't care but I do.
  13. MB


    are seatwave legit?

    Also it says they have "etickets" how is that possible I thought you had to have the tickets in person?
  14. ^ yes seatwave are legit - i got tickets for kylie les follies and scissor sisters on it for a fraction of the ticket price - I bought tix you can collect from hmv in piccadilly on day of show as I thought dodgy too at first. You are also guaranteed your money back automatically if there is a problem. Get some for £44 or wait a few days and they will be even cheaper if not a sell out as people are desperate to offload.

    my playlist is on repeat - i'm missing two obviously tho.
  15. Thanks for the tip hoipolloi, I will most certainly keep an eye on that! Funny enough, following your comment I went back to Seetickets and low and behold its now offering me block 4 row L, much much better than I was offered originally! I'm temped but worried about the getting them on time now, fine if you can collect from the venue but signed for post is going to be iffy time wise...

    Bugger, just when I'd resigned myself that it wasn't for me, that its not intimate enough and that I haven't been blown away by clips (I know these are not particular facts but I tell myself what I need to tell myself!!)

    What to do....what to do.... a careful eye is needs to be kept on seatwave I think!

    Update: Husband diswaded from coming (he's a newbie to Kylie and won't know any of the songs) so that should make it easier, maybe get that last minute elusive great seat!!
  16. I was online on Tickertmaster at 9am on the dot on Monday and initially was being offered nothing, and then all sorts of crap seats at the back.

    I'd pretty much given up and then gave it another go and was offered stall standing twice.
  17. I have nearly always been able to get pretty good seats long after the shows have gone on sale or 'sold out' (from legitimate sources). We decided on a last minute trip to London the final weekend of Showgirl. After seeing it a week earlier, we thought we'd go again and managed to get great seats in the first few rows on the first tier above the stage. I got great seats for Fever in London and Homecoming in Sydney that way too.

    I wonder if additional seats get released once the exact stage plans and space needed gets sorted out.
  18. Looks like I'm going to have to re-think my entire ticket-buying stratgy in future!! I can't see you're thinking Craig being the reason, because why would we now be getting better tickets way up in the stalls. I even got offered row C block 7 this morning, but was just too slow. I'm sure it's a case of blocks being allocated for various businesses and them ultimately turning them down or not taking the full allocation.

    All of this talk, and confirmation that Seatwave are legit (thanks hoipolloi) has convinced me to get one of the discounted standing tickets (albeit without husband) I'll not bother fighting to get anywhere near the front though, I believe the floor is sloped (?) so hopefully should still see our diminative princess from towards the back (even above the iphones)
  19. One more sleep!!!!
  20. Thankyou, this is great. Unfortunately she has very few B-Sides fro her golden years ('90- '98)
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