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Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scouse_chris, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Those of you going to the Manchester shows - enjoy yourselves and have fun!

    Myself, I'm all packed and ready to leave for London tomorrow morning!
  2. I can't decide if I want to know if the set list has changed since Down Under.
  3. Has everybody seen the tickets on eBay that are being sold for a ridiculous loss? Take that touts!
  4. Isn't 'Closer' on Let's Get To It?
    You are missing 'Made In Heaven' (Je ne sais pas pourquoi) and 'Say The Word - I'll Be There' (Word Is Out).
  5. No Closer isn't as far I'm aware and Made In Heaven and Say The World (I'll Be There) is on the 2002 re-issue Greatest Hits 87-92 so I left them out. Tears and If You Don't Love me is on Hits+ so I left them out too.
  6. Has the show started yet? Any news on the setlist?
  7. Yep, got my tickets for London, 2 for £50 earlier!
  8. Was there any explanation for why the Abbey Road video didn't come out last month?
  9. Well done - Although im kinda worried it will be half full now
  10. Well, well, a bit of a change in the Manchester setlist (if it's not an April fools joke. She's only gone and taken That's Why The Write Love Songs off and added Do It Again. I hope there's a decent video!
  11. Do It Again is one of my favourite Kylie songs - I would LOVE an HQ vid of this!!!
  12. WHAT!!!???

    This better not be the case in London.

    Why does she think that any gives a flying fuck about the AWFUL barrage of squelch-pop she recorded around that era? Magnetic Electric, Cherry Bomb and BPM are enough to endure surely!?
  13. She's doing a whole tour based on the songs that weren't popular that she knows SOME fans do indeed give a "flying fuck" about...
  14. Haha, I love Do It Again, it's fun, catchy as hell, nods back to her PWL days and has an epic middle 8, everything Wow! tried to be but failed. I'm surprised they ditched Love Songs again though, it's also really amazing.

    I'm not a fan of BPM at all, but as is often the case, I really enjoyed the live version.
  15. Love Songs is decent at best.
  16. My point being that the setlist seems very weighted on that 'era'. Magnetic Electric, Cherry Bomb, BPM and Do It Again not only share a similar recording period, but also a similar sound. Do we need them all?
  17. I think the set list covers everything pretty well, bar one glaringly obvious omission, a track representing KM94. You could argue Let's Get To It as well but, as much as I enjoy most of the album, there's nothing I'd LOVE to hear live again.

    Her early days are represented well with a lot of tracks from the first 2 albums so one could argue that's it too 80's for the same reasons you list.

    As it happens I agree with you, like I said BPM would never have been anywhere near my wish list, neither would Magnetic Electric, however in the context of the show they work surprisingly well. The only things I would change about the set list are the 2 singles, Got To Be Certain for What kind Of Fool and Tear On My Pillow for something from KM94 (probably Nothing Can Stop Us).
  18. From Let's Get To It, I'd love to hear the title track and Word IS Out again. I think her voice would sound great on both.
  19. Amazeballs.
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