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Kylie - Kiss Me Once Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Are the backdrops out there yet, or is this just what you've gleaned from concert footage? I've been looking forward to watching quite a few of the backdrop videos from this tour.
  2. There's a few backdrops on the DVD.

    Her performance of Need You Tonight is on another level. It's incredible how much attention she commands just stood there, purring over that song. She just owns that raw, dirty, rock, funk sound. Imagine if she came out with something like that now as a single.
  3. The tour was sadly my least favourite in a decade. Minus the 80's medley and Sexercize it was forgettable completely.
  4. I thought the DVD had been delayed or something?! Oh, well, I'll have a look around for them...
  5. Yeah it was due out last Monday but it finally came out yesterday.
  6. I pre-ordered the bluray from Amazon US when it was down to 20 bucks and now it has pushed back a week on Amazon while it's been released everywhere else. Oh well, I am not cancelling because the price was so good.
  7. It's probably my least favourite tour from the 'comeback'/Parlophone era too, but I have to say Kylie's performance itself in Sydney last week was phenomenal. She received so much love from the audience and stopped multiple times to bask in it. She had fire and hunger in her performance, an intimate connection with the audience rivaled only by the 'Anti Tour' dates, and even reflected on how she was reminded of the response she received at the first 'Showgirl Homecoming' show in the same venue. The pacing of the setlist was strange and after a promising first half it failed to build the way previous tours have, but I could not fault Kylie herself. For that reason, it was one of the most memorable experiences I have had seeing her.

    I might add that I was surprised by the songs that got a huge reaction from the crowd - they went nuts for 'Timebomb', 'Get Outta My Way' and 'Into The Blue'. I guess that's what happens when you manage to fill an arena with your hardcore fanbase rather than casual fans.

  8. I was in Sydney too, and it really was amazing. I saw complaints of the crowd in other Aussie cities, so I was surprised to Sydney lose their shit. It was my first Kylie show, but having seen other DVDs I was a bit disappointed. I think it was mainly a setlist thing. The visuals and staging were all amazing, but the setlist, especially for Kiss Me Once wasn't the greatest.

    And Kids needs to retire. I can handle On A Night Like This, Can't Get You Out Of My Head & Spinning Around every tour, but fucking Kids needs to go.
  9. I never, ever, EVER, want to hear Kids on tour again, unless Robbie turns up and does the rap at the end, which I will allow once and once only, then it can bugger off again!
  10. The performances of On A Night Like This on this tour have been breathtaking.
  11. The lasers are absolutely stunning in reality - not so much on the DVD of the concert though. They don't seem to look as impressive.
  12. It really was. I've always just liked that song, but after that performance I couldn't stop listening to it! I was sitting in the centre so it was even more amazing.
  13. I was browsing in HMV today and saw the "Kiss Me Once Tour" DVD on the shelves. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the rare great value for money price (in an HMV of all places)! £9.99 for the actual DVD with all the bonus features and the 2 disc live album, all in one package for just under £10. Music DVDs always seem to be a bit overpriced to me, so this was a shock.
  14. SBK


    That is actually really cheap. They're usually £16.99+
  15. Nah, that's pretty standard for HMV's DVD prices. The Bluray is probably £16.99.
  16. With the live CD included? If the DVD alone had only been £10 it wouldn't have stood out to me, but the inclusion of the live album was a surprise. I usually find HMV to be expensive in general.
  17. As a HMV patron for... a number of years (!), I definitely think their prices are much, much better than most people seem to credit them for of late. There have been several occasions where they've undercut Amazon on new releases recently. Only by 99p or £1, but every little helps. They're also back to being the number one seller of music in the UK, beating Amazon for the first time in a long time. They've clawed this back by drastically changing their price structure.
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