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Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Sep 6, 2022.

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    Such limited info as well…..i am super excited to get some teasers soon!
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  2. Me too, bring it all on please Kylie!
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  3. We really haven't received much information regarding the upcoming album, have we? Although I feel like that that might be a good thing. The less we know, the better. Remember when we were told that Kylie worked with Alex Gaudino and Mousse T for Disco, but then nothing materialized from those sessions?
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    Not sure if it's been posted but Kylie is playing New Years Eve at the Atlantic resort in Dubai
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  5. Her booking Sydney Pride is probably a sign that a single is coming early next year
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  6. Maybe the beginning of KM16 then??...
  7. Nah. Just a very big payday.
  8. Ha, probably! Still, like to hope though.
  9. Performing in Dubai is a choice.
  10. It wouldn’t be her first or even her second time performing there.

    I hope the gays are out in full force for it and making the patriarchy of Dubai uncomfortable.
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  11. Biff and Jon Green are a Kylie dream team, but you sprinkle in Kamille and that sounds like MAGIC (Do you, do you, do you etc).
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  12. Going from Sydney Pride to performing in an authoritarian state where being gay is (at least on paper) still punishable by death is... certainly something.
  13. Somebody on that other forum is saying the first single is called “Hold on to Now”, it’s a Biff song and is in the vein of All the Lovers. Obviously take with a grain of salt though.
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  14. It's really disappointing to see her ignore the disgusting anti LGBTQ+ culture of Dubai to chase a pay check and perform there yet again. This community is pretty much what keeps her selling tickets and albums.
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  15. Hopefully fake news!

    This is not exciting at all (for me).
  16. New info taken from Sayhey

  17. What about gays in these countries though? Should they be deprived of any sort of live entertainment that may cater to them? I would understand the frustration if the government was involved in the event but this is a private company profiting from this. This isn’t arranged by the city or the UAE.
  18. Dubai / the UAE is built on modern slavery so doing any business with them is just wrong. I would also assume the gays going to enjoy this will be wealthy immigrants - they deserve nothing.

    She’s not alone in this poor decision, almost everyone does it and no one bats an eyelid. It’s still disappointing.
  19. This is the same argument I use against the Royal Family.
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  20. My argument is that in a private event, you’re doing business with the owners and not with the government itself. As for the gays there, surely there are those who were born and/or raised there through no choice of their own. I know that (new) Dubai is recent but not recent enough to not have citizens beyond a single generation (but maybe I’m mistaken). And while wealthy, they still have to deal with being gay in a dangerously homophobic country.
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