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Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Sep 6, 2022.

  1. I hope the album is called Electric cause I think it could lend itself to some great imagery and would also be a wink and nudge towards X originally being titled Magnetic Electric.
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  2. Ooh, I hope Kylie's "Tension" slaps as hard as this.

  3. It means what’s her name can do another video with loads of those super cool visualiser effects slapped all over it. Can’t wait.
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  4. Maybe this will be the album where people who complain about everything she does finally abandon her. Fingers crossed!
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  5. Obviously, we won't know if we will like the new material or not until we hear it. But, I have every faith. She rarely does not deliver.
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  6. Liking ‘Hold On’ as a title! ’Electric’ will warrant some energy market memes surely.
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  7. The problem is she only delivers vanilla bops these days. The type of faceless bops you listen to while cooking diner. She's always been a goody two shoes who's played it safe for the most part, but at least her music used to have some kind of edge to it. She should be ashamed of titling an album that's as basic as it gets Disco. She should be ashamed of even releasing such a bland album decades into her career. It feels like she's releasing music just for the sake of releasing something, not 'cause she truly feels inspired. I'd rather she spared us new music if all she's gonna do is rehash the same song for the 1000000th time. We didn't need the basic disco touch to the already basic country album, nor do we need the same damn formula now but this time around with an electric (lol) touch.
  8. One wonders why you’re still here, posting on a Kylie forum?
  9. I mean, her judgement is just awful.
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  10. This isn't a Kylie forum, it's just a thread where everyone is free to come and go, fan or not.
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  11. Gurl, take it easy.
  12. I'll admit those descriptions are a bit tired and obvious, but Kamille being part of the writing team has given me reason to be excited for this album.
  13. The hostility in these threads is always so charged. People can want more from her just as much as they enjoy her output. “If you don’t like it leave the thread” is really not the point of a… forum.

    I’m waiting to hear something to form my opinion, but I must admit another midtempo All The Lovers esque track as a lead doesn’t necessarily excite me, even if the promise of new music always does.
  14. Yeah I think the majority of us are here for the vanilla bops even if we would prefer Kylie to push herself creatively again.

    I guess it’s relatively rare for an artist to really push themselves at this kind of stage of their career though (I can only really think of Madonna and Bruce Springsteen), so I am just happy to still be getting new music which I can enjoy for what it is.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Disco is a perfectly fine album, I feel like Say Something/Kiss Of Life were different enough from her usual range and become a couple of her signature songs….it’ll be interesting if when she does go more “experimental” these fans wanting a change actually appreciate it.
  16. I dunno. Kylie’s fan base has always had this peculiar aggression and defensiveness, especially when it comes to a incoming new era so it oddly feels like home for me dd
  17. Here’s the tea.
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  18. Let's hope those songs actually make it on. She has a bad habit of working with great new people and then....nothing.
  19. I think I've said this before, but Disco isn't a bad album, but it's aged really quickly and I have no desire to revisit it anytime soon.

    I'd kill for her to revisit the sound of Body Language (her best album).
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