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Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Sep 6, 2022.

  1. I have a fondness for Body Language too considering it was my first full era after bopping to the Fever singles like the rest of the planet. I’m not sure I would say it has a particular sound though, as it feels rather eclectic to me?
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  2. Case in point: the reception to Disco .vs. Chromatica. Disco has its detractors for sure, but the fan response when it dropped was largely positive. Most fans seemed to think it was a fun joyful album. Chromatica's reception has improved with time, but when the album dropped, it was dragged. Both albums could have used more effort and both albums needed way more oomph in the production department, but Chromatica IMO clearly is superior in terms of lyrics, vocals, general songwriting (despite having a much worse lead single than Disco) and got a much worse PJ reception. Which indicates to me that Gaga is actually treated more harshly. Her fanbase gives her way less margin for error than Kylie's does.
  3. It's eclectic but I would describe the overall sound as a kind of R&B-tinged electro funk.
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  4. Somebody was saying that Kylie has an easy time on here and I simply pointed to a post *on the previous* page that showed she doesn’t. If I’d posted that in the Madonna thread and replaced “Disco” with “Madame X” it would be carnage. The fact that people are already moaning about this era based on a Sayhey rumour really just highlights the entitlement when it comes to Kylie and the sense that they can say pretty much anything which largely goes unchecked.

    And when somebody does check it they’re met with the “it’s a forum I’ll say what I want” response which is unhelpful at best.
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  5. That post was the exception, not the rule. Placing all your flimsy argument on one overtly hyperbolic post that does not reflect any of the general attitude of people here is a weird take.
    Kylie is not targeted more than any other artist (or TV show or movie or game etc.) on this forum and that's that. Have you seen some of the posts that happen in the MCU thread? They make the ones in here look tame in comparison.
    One might wonder why this is such a sticking point for you. Does it affect your love of Kylie and her music? No, and it shouldn't. We just need to accept it and not try to gatekeep who does and doesn't post in threads here.
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  6. Moving on, for those of us who actually like Kylie’s music in 2022, a reliable insider on that other site has heard Tension and says it slaps.

    Colour me exited for the upcoming album.
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  7. Not this prompting me to check out the MCU thread for the first time in ages since it used to be everyone loving everything ddd
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  8. "Electric" feels a bit basic (sorry to add to the negativity nn) but I'm sure it will grow on me if it's true. I do like the idea of carrying on the trend of one-word album titles.
  9. Yes, here for the one album titles too, suspect it will be Electric indeed by the sounds of it.
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  10. I read "Electric" and just hear the #13 B-list at Capital bop in my head.
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  11. Men love heaping shame on women. And the gays are now using it to attack female pop stars they see as rivals to the main pop girl they follow.
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  12. They would if they could. But she doesn't give them anything to complain about in that department. She's always dressed well and always acts right.
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  13. What's this comparison though? Gaga is given much less room to deliver mediocrity because she's a "current" star who is still capable of scoring smash hits and pushing the envelope artistically, and who has the eyes of the world on her. More pressure equals more room for disappointment.

    Kylie is in the cruise control phase of her career. The hits are in the rearview, her experimental/boundary pushing years are behind her too and there's no real pressure to deliver something special outside of spaces like this forum. Of course Gaga gets the rougher ride. There comes a point people are just glad that artists like Kylie are still grinding away, making pop music out of love and nothing more.

    Agreed that Chromatica is a significantly better pop record than Disco. It's just... not relevant dd.
  14. Kylie's expansive career has made her fandom's expectations diverse. Those who entered the fandom during her more straightforward pop moments may embrace her newer stuff while those who latched onto her during her more experimental eras may be frustrated with her recent output.

    The truth is she isn't in her deconstruction era anymore. She may be in a state of mind where she wants to make obvious pop music just for the fun of it. That's just how it is. The larger public seems to adore this phase of Kylie's career. She has morphed into a national treasure who generally is beloved for her signature frothy pop sound. That warm embrace probably trumps the negative reaction from a small portion of the fandom who is still stuck in one of her previous eras that she has long moved on from.
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  15. Did they mention a genre/style/vibe?
  16. Yeah, maybe that wasn't the best comparison, but my overall point is just that Kylie is hardly persecuted on PJ. Quite the opposite (though I'm not complaining about it. She's more than earned her place as a PJ fave).
  17. This comment really rubs me the wrong way. I was of course talking about Madonna when I said that some pop stars get nasty comments about looks (and not just her wardrobe) and lifestyle choices. Madonna acts fine and also dresses well. Yes, she's done some things to call out (though the same people who cry about her grillz, her plastic surgery, or her dating younger men don't have a problem with real issues like performing in Israel or making tone deaf comments), but she looks amazing and any comments about her looks are completely out of line. The implication that somehow they're justified is just not it.

    And regardless of the reason Madonna may get flak for those things, my point was that it seems pretty suspect to say other pop girls don't get as much criticism as Kylie when Madonna gets so much ageist, sexist, and generally meanspirited garbage thrown at her even on this forum. PJ regulars have done a good job of dragging those posters, so they don't pop up often anymore, but it still happens occasionally.
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  18. We have this exact same discussion periodically. It’s like Groundhog Day.
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  19. I agree that it doesn't seem like the most exciting title, but if it's accompanied by great visuals, it could work.
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  20. It’s personal X tracklist time!
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