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Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Sep 6, 2022.

  1. I think you overlook intention there? Kylie presented DISCO as a carefree homage to her favourite disco sounds; Chromatica had Gaga’s fans expecting a house masterpiece drawn from the trauma of addiction and grief with an overarching alien conceptual universe and got… that. And lots of make-up ads.

    The point being: Kylie pretty much always delivers what she sets out to (Kiss Me Once really standing out in retrospect as an album/era which wasn’t offering anything really clear at all, hence the general indifference, probably) and while her fans may wish she would offer edgier things, they really don’t have the same justification to get narked at her.
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  2. Not sure what intention has to do with any of this. Just because a project does what an artist intends for it to do doesn't make the project above criticism.
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  3. I’m saying people’s criticism of Gaga was definitely more extreme than to DISCO, not because Kylie fans “put up with any rubbish”; but because Gaga hyped her album up in a kind of pretentious way that Kylie never would.
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  4. I mean, Gaga did deliver what she set out to do with Chromatica though. The visuals might not have been as she planned but she had to change things due to the pandemic that likely had been planned for months before it hit.
  5. It's just boring hearing the same criticism of her.

    Insiders indicates album direction -> "why not ___ part 2" -> first single release -> "this sucks" -> album released -> "awful album, she needs to push boundaries again"

    Repeat ad infinitum.
  6. Comments like this are boring too and don't help.
    People are going to air their grievances about Kylie and her music and are perfectly allowed to, just as people are able to praise her. There's room enough for all views to be said without the endless picking at one another. Everyone can just post their thoughts and leave, there is no need to read comments you don't agree with or to react to them. The way this is heading, mods will lock the threads and then NOBODY can post. None of us want that.
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  7. There's nothing wrong with critiquing Kylie, but airing the same grievances, again and again, makes the conversation stale. We have had the same conversations about "Kylie isn't risky anymore" since...Kiss Me Once, I think? She has made it pretty clear that she's not going to deliver something edgy again, and I think anyone who's adamant that she will is setting themselves up for failure. I'm hardly going to bemoan the next single because "it's not Confide in Me Part 3!11" because it would be ridiculous to assume that we'd get that,.
  8. I wouldn't call Say Something edgy, but I think it's risky. The structure of the song is not the usual pop song, even if it's def a pop song.
  9. Both Say Something and Dancing I think where her most daring lead singles for years. 2 Hearts too was in its own way, but personally not as good.
  10. So let them? Just ignore them, it's really not that hard. If you enjoy her music then that's all that matters, other people wanting more from her isn't harming you or your enjoyment. If the conversation is boring to you then maybe try and change the course or it or start a new one rather than moaning about it.
  11. W2K


    Good lord this thread is depressing.

    I can’t wait to hear new music from Kylie, and more importantly I can’t wait to see her live again.
  12. Has she though? She literally said in an interview with Vogue back in June that she'd "like to make something like that ("Slow") again that pushes my boundaries."

    And when we say "edgy," we mean "edgy" for Kylie. We're not expecting her to suddenly become fka twigs or SHYGIRL.
  13. Aren't we?
  14. I wonder which font they will use for the artwork.
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  15. I am curious as to whether she'll continue her collaboration with Studio Moross after Disco or if she'll resume her working relationship with Tony Hung.
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  16. Dancing? Daring? I...

    Say Something was not a risk per se but she definitely switched it up a bit and that was appreciated. Magic would've been the more expected Kylie lead single.
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  17. I love how people always say it's perfectly fine to criticise Kylie but then get upset whenever someone does.

    Anyway, what we've heard about Electric actually seems fairly promising so far to me. I'd very happily take a slick, well-produced, gimmick-free electropop album (emphasis on the well-produced).
  18. You’ll get 16 tracks produced on a potato with lyrics about magical sparks in the electric dark and you will deal.
    And we will moan and prepare her for burning at the stake in order to resurrect IndieKylie
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  19. There's nothing wrong with criticising Kylie, I just wish it was something different instead of the same comments about "risks" dd.
    Like, let's talk about how her vocals are amazing live, yet we only get the same register in the studio. Her vocal chops have improved a lot (see: Confide in Me and Supernova live), and it'd be great to see her use those vocals more clearly in her music, like on Kylie Minogue 94. But instead, we get those high-pitched vocals instead, which is mildly annoying.
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  20. I'm looking forward to this new era and hopefully finally a fucking tour!!!!!
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