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Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Sep 6, 2022.

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    Duracell got nothing on her.
  2. It is unfortunate that her vocal comfort zone in the studio tends to skew high-pitched, especially because she does have the capability to demonstrate range, like she often does live.

    I think that it was speculated that her singing in her lower register for KM94 was a conscious decision to differentiate Deconstruction Kylie from PWL Kylie and that's not the most natural way for her to sing, hence why it was limited to just one album.
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  3. She'll buzz like a vibrator.
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  4. People saying Kylie is playing it safe "these days" is quite laughable, The album GOLDEN was a departure from her usual POP, it was country or country - pop whatever genre people put it into....the way she threw herself into the songwriting process, Also Say Something is a departure from the norm for her and previously Slow was a left wing choice so she loves to experiment.
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  5. I don’t think Golden was a risk, particularly given country pop was all over the radio back then. Regardless, I still love that album and appreciate the attempts at branching out as a lyricist. Maybe it felt like a risk given the echo chamber online about the gayz storming out of her Golden tour or setting fire to their Kylie collection after getting the first whiff of a banjo on the new tracks. Or maybe I follow the wrong people.

    Anyway, it’ll be interesting to hear what angle the new album has:

    Golden: Nashville, Dolly, Rednex
    Disco: Pandemic, Vocal engineering, Videos that require a resolution yet invented to be appreciated
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  6. Golden was a risk. And it flopped outside of the UK. And Disco was what needed to follow to win back her international following.
  7. The decision to make a country-tinged album was a bit of a risk and outside her comfort zone, but her execution of that idea was safe.

    I don't agree on Say Something. It's different from the rest of Disco but it's a VERY Kylie-sounding song.
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  8. A certain horseman has hinted moross is working on the tour, so I'm guessing will be working on the album in some capacity
  9. I loved Infinite Disco so this is great news.
  10. I am already dreading (but looking forward too of course) all the amount of multiple formats to chose from for this album! Or rather, my wallet is.
  11. It felt very deliberate that Kylie and BMG chose to focus almost exclusively on a promotional push in the UK. If I remember correctly, BMG was still establishing itself as a label... so maybe that played a role? I guess they didn't have the infrastructure to mount an international campaign?
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  12. One thing that Disco did deliver on was the collaborators she managed to nab. I mean, Gloria Gaynor, Jessie Ware, Olly Alexander and Dua Lipa? The past, present and future of pop music.
    Plus we had Jack Savoretti and Gente de Zona on Golden.
    I hope we get at least one new collab from this era, she actually knows how to pick a good partner and all the collabs are up there with the best of both albums.
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  13. So far, Kylie and BMG have been a perfect fit I think. I am sure that will carry on with this new album and era too.
  14. A parallel universe exists in which Kylie Minogue has been alternating for a few decades between the same cabaret-style residency in Vegas and countless mardi gras inspired 'farewell' tours.

    Now I'm not saying we shouldn't have high exceptions from her but I think some of us are being a bit harsh. Disco is not perfect but it has a lot of fun moments and it's the ultimate gay dinner party album, I won't hear otherwise! Infinite Disco showed that it would have really gone off in a live setting; just like Golden, an album I don't rate particularly, was the excellent starting point for a fantastic live show. There was clearly a bigger vision for this project that was very much penalised by the pandemic.
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  15. Honestly all of her albums have had criticism, I suppose it's great that we all still care about her as an artist and pop performer that we want her to be the best she can be.

    Like I said already I'm just itching to see her tour again.
  16. Getting tickets will be an nightmare am sure!
  17. How was Golden a flop? It went to number 1 in Australia and when comparing the charts on wiki with Disco, they are quite similar in other countries.
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  18. I think a lot of us cannot wait to see Kylie back on stage putting on a show like no other. I really hope I can hold back my tears when Kylie sings Say Something.
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  19. In the USA (Billboard) Disco did much better debuting at #26

    Golden was #64
  20. #26 and #64 could have sold the same amount dd
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