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Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Sep 6, 2022.

  1. So… Cher?
  2. What a load of bollocks.
  3. Possibly yes!
    But a Billboard top 30 album sounds better.
  4. Golden opened with 10k in the US and Disco opened with 19k. I have no idea about actual total album sales for each, but Golden’s streams are a fraction of Discos.
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  5. Ok. So outside of Australia and UK it was a flop.

    Say Something went Gold in Brasil. Her last song to do that was in the Fever era. It was also great hearing songs from Disco played in Latin America and Southern Europe this summer.
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  6. I can totally see why Golden underperformed in places like France & Spain - an Australian Londoner doing faux country-lite pop music isn’t quite right or authentic!
  7. Disco was for sure the bigger album but Golden set it up in my opinion (even thou I don't love Golden it's not my favorite Kylie album, it did very well in her main markets)...I hope we get the first single before the end of the year...
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  8. Golden got Kylie back into songwriting so I appreciate it for that.
  9. And Golden was number 3 in Germany, hardly a flop outside UK like the above poster said.

    You are right that Golden was the springboard for Disco and now Disco should be the springboard for the next album, which sounds all exciting considering the writers involved in it are tweeting nothing but positive things about it.....her streaming numbers have increased from album to album too according to BMG insiders.

    This album has got the makings of something great.
  10. Golden's chart run in Germany is best forgotten. Kylie is always going to have respectable chart debuts but the real barometer of success is if people will keep on listening.

    Miss A Thing has more streams than Stop Me From Falling. And album tracks Supernova and I Love It will likely overtake Golden's 2nd single this year too. But I get the impression that Kylie was happy to keep Golden's album campaign local to the UK.

    I do think Kylie really sharpened her songwriting in Golden and that has carried through to Disco.
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  11. Forgive me if this has already been posted.

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  12. One of her best.
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  13. Absolutely!

    And I especially loved the Tee's Freeze mix done by Todd Terry! Kylie reportedly flew to Chicago and re-recorded the vocals for this mix.

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  14. I haven’t bought physical media (outside of Kylie) for over 10 years now, I allow myself 1 physical item of a new Kylie era (usually a vinyl) and that’s it, works fine and stops the never ending spending.
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  15. Read through the last couple pages and have some thoughts. First I don't think Kylie is getting way more hate than the other pop girls. Second I think she found quite a safe space to do what she loves. I doubt the label would fund her going completely weird or experimental musically. Although she could be a bit more brave on one or two album tracks per album. I feel the lack of proper outliers on the last albums made them feel too safe and simple maybe? It is true that there are few extreme surprises. Plus I feel some people are disappointed that the themes of the albums were just a cute dress up for classic pop songs.

    I doubt a proper country fan really bothered with Golden. I feel like the ones that really are into Disco sound felt Disco to not be authentic enough. Could be seen as genre elitism sure. But some Disco songs could have been on Golden and the other way around, Which feeds the narrative of her just being basic now.

    Personally I think she found her own recipe for joy. She does what she wants to do, lives out some ideas and meets Jessie and Olly for some cute duets. Feels like someone who doesn't have to prove anything just does what works. A bit predictable? Sure. But there are worse versions of what she could do now in the fight to stay somehow relevant.

    Fans who followed a whole career being overly critical also isn't exclusive to Kylie. Sure Disco could have been Renaissance in terms of production and creativity but I don't know if she really would have the drive still and she doesn't have to. There is room for criticism and both albums are far from perfect. But there are lots of reasons they are what they are. And I doubt the next one will be a huge change from the formula.

    In terms of going on with a long career and mixing old with the new I think Kylie does a great job overall.
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  16. This is a great point. With so much of Golden's promo referencing her trip to Nashville, I think that it set an expectation of something more than your average Kylie pop song, but with banjos instead of synths. And given Kylie's history with exploring the disco genre, including previously collaborating with two of the greats, Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rodgers, there was definitely a lot of expectations as we all expected Kylie and Disco to be a sure thing. However, that's not saying that either Golden and Disco are bad—both albums feature at least a couple of bops—and if you love both albums as a whole, that's great.

    I guess that if we went into Disco, knowing that Golden established the new norm—that the album's theme would just be a cute dress up for classic pop songs—rather than being the exception, we would've had more realistic expectations. Now that we're two albums into the BMG era, we probably know what to expect from KM16. And there's nothing wrong with a basic bop.
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  17. Kylie herself wants to perform material she enjoys so I don't think it's going to be a case of lather-rinse-repeat.
  18. It's such a shame we never got a DISCO tour. I can imagine a Disco-fied version of the classic hits would've been interesting.
  19. Remember when Royal Albert Hall had a free weekend...

    Rick Astley's Swinging Christmas
    Thu 15 - Fri 16 Dec 2022

    Swing, big band and festive classics from Rick Astley himself.

    “I love singing these old classics and I cannot wait to see you there!”Rick Astley
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