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Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Sep 6, 2022.

  1. The 2019 run performed well enough that he was invited back to perform an additional sixteen shows in 2020, which were cancelled due to the pandemic.

    Regardless though, would Robbie be a relevant indication? Kylie has a higher US profile than Robbie does.
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  2. To be fair, I imagine if this did happen, it would be at a smaller theater & a lower-scale production than the BPGs who have already had residencies.
  3. ΗΕΗΕΗΕ!
  4. Matt Goss had a residency. For years, succesfully, maybe still does.
    The Vegas market isn't a normal 'must have 4 hits off recent album locally' one.
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  5. A vegas residency would be so exciting for Kylie, I hope the rumours are true.
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  6. I wasn't exactly keen on it when I saw it reported but it actually makes sense. Given it wasn't profitable for her to do Aphrodite and For You, For Me in the States, having a limited run in Vegas could be doable and a bit of a success for her! Plays well with her Showgirl trademark, too.

    They could just extend it if it meets expectations, and you know they'll package it in the most gay-friendly manner so they have that segment on lock. It has to be Flamingo (Paula Abdul, Drag Race), right? Just about 800 capacity.
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  7. Aries Moross basically confirmed that they’re working on the album artwork. They posted a photo from the British Fashion Awards in their stories with the caption “Got some fun things planned together for 2023”
  8. Aries Moross being involved yet again is a great on the visual side of things, looking forward to it!
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  9. I'm cautiously optimistic for this. I've liked Studio Moross' work in the past, but I loathed Disco's cover art.
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  10. W2K


    I personally would’ve preferred Tony Hung as his style is much more my thing, but I didn’t mind the Disco campaign.
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  11. I bet she’ll be the interval act for Eurovision this year if got an album out
  12. Vegas might be a good chance to do another extravagant and creative show after the last streamlined tours. And if it's successful maybe the hype will bring her back to arenas in Europe. It's really the least she deserves.
  13. The British Fashion performance and look was so good. Hopefully that is the bar they’re setting.

    Huge promo opportunity and I’m all for it.
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  14. It was mentioned by a certain horseman that kylie and her creative team realise that golden had stripped back to far and she is ready to make a statement
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  15. HMD


    Fingers crossed! I miss the big tours (not necessarily Aphrodite's size big).
    I’m travelling from Barcelona to Vegas if the residency happens.
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  16. If there was any tour that was too stripped back, surely it had to be Kiss Me Once?
  17. I moved to BCN so that I wouldn't have to travel for concerts anymore! Oh well... I hope she does something like the Golden launch concert here before the new album again.
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  18. God, that would be a perfect bit of brand synergy. I do hope her team are on that.
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  19. I immediately thought Flamingo. Expectations of a big, Aphrodite like production may need to be managed.

  20. The Golden schedule that was spoken about still seems pretty firm. January it probably is. Save those pink pounds, PopJussies.
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