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Kylie Minogue - 16th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Sep 6, 2022.

  1. Also, repeated petition for A. SG Lewis, and B. To just repeat this lewk word spread for the album shoot.

    I’m really interested to see what a contemporary Kylie album shoot looks like in 2022.
  2. We are hopefully only a month or so away from some official single and/or album news.
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  3. I truly do hope so, exciting stuff!
  4. One of the trusted insiders has said who's ready for X2 with elements of fever and disco
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  5. The campfest Final Fantasy game? I'm ready.
  6. C'mon, this could litteraly means anything !
    X includes 2 Hearts, Spearkerphone, The One, Stars, All I See and Cosmic. Are we gonna have electro ballads ? Synth heavy guitar songs ? Dance uber pop songs ? Or maybe Miss a thing 2 with Mims ? lol!
    We just have to wait ans see what's coming. Like @UltimatColossus wrote, something's coming quite soon !
  7. This excites me.
    This not so much.
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  8. As @OceanBlue said, it’s a pretty wide ranging palette to draw from (and interpretation is always subjective), but I think contemporary is the take away from this and their previous posts. Something a little “cooler” and more modern.

    Kylie doing electropop can never be a bad thing.
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  9. I still love how little we actually know for sure about what album K16 will be. Makes for even more excitement.
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  10. Doesn’t really narrow it down. I hope she stays clear of Cosmic and All I See.
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  11. I have absolutely no expectations but I would love at least one In My Arms/Get Outta My Way/Timebomb-sized uptempo electro stomper.
  12. With the way that KM16 seems to be shrouded in secrecy, I'm hoping that Kylie and SG Lewis secretly linked up and put together a couple of tracks for the album.
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  13. please GOD.
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  14. I love how some of y'all are being purposely obtuse with that little insider tip about KM16 giving X Part II. We know that the brief is electro-pop, therefore it should be evident that the hint is that it's giving something akin to the electro-pop moments from X. "All I See," "Cosmic" and "2 Hearts" aren't electro-pop.
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  15. Surely “electro-pop with elements of disco” is the brief for any and every Kylie album.
  16. Not for Golden! kidding
  17. New music from Kylie in 2023... I am READY. 2022 really needed new Kylie!
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  18. 2022 is the first calendar year in forever where we didn't get some form of new music from her! Did anything old even leak this year?
  19. Yeah, “In the Name of Love” leaked this year, along with “Rules of Attraction.”
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  20. Also, no new Kylie product for Q4 is always a sign that something is planned to follow early the next year.
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