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Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. The lyrics in those songs all kinda talk about body image so thats the why.
  2. beautifull vid strong symbolic how make saucy vid withoun be vulgar ( take note mrs ritchie caca ....
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  4. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Get a grip. It's a pop music video. It's supposed to be aspirational and fantasy like. I have no desire to look at fat ugly people. You sound like one of those people that complain about models being skinny.
  5. Me?!
  6. Calm down Sue Sylvester.
  7. slimane

    slimane Guest

  8. "I'll often yell at fat people, 'How is that fatness working out for? Try not being fat for once.'"
  9. Never mind the video, i 'can't wait' for the for the next WHOLLY unpredictable, completely vacuous, pointless, criticism/put down (mixed with completely vacuous pointless question/remarks as an attempt to disguise his usual trolling.) from Adz11 in this thread.

    Why go to the bother Adz - its not as if your beloved icon has managed to completely wreck the damage repair of her most recent 2 comebacks and ever since replaced her COMPLETE entertainment output with the entertainment equivalent of rancid defecation at an exponential rate with the corresponding, comparative + consistent sales decline. Well OF COURSE its the record co.'s faults so with a new one OBVIOUSLY she AGAIN will back at the top.... + nothing at all to do with the blatant lack of interest in/time for/enjoyment from her pop music career/ i mean when was the last time she didn't make a video for a single? When was the last time she didn't make a mind blowing orgasmic visual viewing , no expense spared,creativity,care + time imbued classic? Just look at the one with Justin - well OK if SHE was actually IN IT, it would have been instead of the nondescript frumpy cow they had instead of her and WOW look at the one with her daughter....C-L-A-S-S-I-C well ok you can't always expect kids to be like their parents but the money,inspiration + ideas in that video are endless and it will be remembered up their with Vogue as classic + it had the major advantage of some distracting from that GOD HEINOUS,abominable, brain dead even for pop music, 10 year past its sell by date(when it would still have sounded tired + jaded !) EXCRUCIATING, MOULD RIDDEN CHEESE FEST that a 3 year could not fail to come up with better "music" in the background. In contrast to the Music career the interest in $$$ has never declined (she was either lying or deluded during ROL period) - thus touring is getting more attention than ever before in contrast to the recording career

    Your INCOMPARABLE omnipotent one is on an untouchable level to ALL other fellow LIGHT WEIGHT COMMERCIALLY targeted female POP ENTERTAINERS (inclusive of the delusional/conceited ones who endlessly spew repetitive, tiresome cod philosophising, hypocritical inconsistent shallow platitudes + quasi-intellectual remarks that they try to ascend themselves in their limited ideas on value = respect - while the bimbo fanatics soak it all up with complete conviction as if she's the next Messiah :D just like she takes advantage of those susceptible to fanaticism and the induced delusion - how many Tours does she have planned for next year btw? Where in a more ideal world being a popstar does not give you a license/platform to spout drivel over subjects which you clearly have limited knowledge and 2D understanding of (+ in anycase that a politicians "job")but some people just can't keep it shut - the selfish + thoughtless thrill/reaction they get from their outburst is too much for their unquenchable fame/attention seeking to allow any sort of thought or empathy to tactfully/subtly remove/ reduce any damage or loss their initial thoughtless outburst caused

    Even if act of the same group manged, despite the limitation of being Second Generation (Just like the Beatles majorly piss all over the sales of temporally proceeding acts )- less of the pie to go around/increasing competition similar type acts etc ) this same category of act too, managed the exception of maintaining an international pop career from the 80's - over an unheard of for these types of acts OVER 2 DECADES - well OF COURSE an explanation is that it could ALL just be EXTREME GOOD LUCK.......FOR BOTH! of them but regardless 2 such exceptional achievements means it is no longer an exclusive achievement.....
  10. Oh DEAR.

  11. What the hell is happening?
  12. A car crash. Step away, nothing to see here.
  13. Anyway...back on topic.

    Truly magic video and one of my favourite music videos of the year so far.
  14. I'm fond of her boobs trying to escape her shirt, myself. [Just helping the conversation along.]
  15. just like Regina in Mean Girls with her ripped top.
  16. Someone overlooked the horse already running past thirty seconds in, didn't they?

    It's making me want to go find that Kylie video in which a dancer fucks up and then corrects himself. Aww.
  17. Did they? I don't think so. I'm sure it was supposed to be there.

    I quite like the men getting it on together...

    And the big inflatable elephant.
  18. I thought the horse was meant to be a big reveal. It doesn't matter. Is it actually albino though, do you reckon?

    Oh, found what I meant:

    1.35 in, far right. Bless.
  19. I think it's a very beautifully shot video, and Kylie looks stunning.
  20. Was there a token Asian in the video? If not I'll add that to the list of things which Ms Minogue does not approve, ie. body hair.
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