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Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (New Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Easy: Made Of Glass. Closely followed by her best single, What Do I Have To Do.
  2. It really has the "I Believe In You" vibe, and for me that is a good thing, since that is one of my favourite Kylie songs. This single is absolutely brilliant. The chorus really got stuck in my head, already after just listening to it one time.
  3. Meh is my feeling on this track. It's nothing special.
  4. On first listen:

    I found the whole song very emotional and quite touching really. 2.20 onwards is crazy good. Overall though i am not that impressed, maybe a few more listens will do the trick.
  5. Call The Shots and The Loving Kind piss all over this in my opinion. If the singer wasn't Kylie , I don't think that this song would have got so much attention.
    All in all , I agree with Mr. PJ "Quite good " .
  6. Call the Shots yes.
    The Loving Kind, just no.
  7. RJF


    Love this. I agree with Kirkland that it's nice to hear her voice again.
  8. Woke up to hearing this song for the first time, on Radio One.

    Even in my half asleep state I could tell what a tune it is.

    Looking forward to the album now.
  9. It's a shame they used the epic instrumental bit as their teaser clip.

    I believe it would have had a much bigger impact, had we not known it before.
  10. After three more listens and a bit of a cry i can now certify that this is in fact amazing.
  11. My vagina just exploded from the brilliance.
  12. Kylie moment over...

    What a brilliant tune. I can't wait to hear it everywhere this summer. I can't wait to dance to it. I can't wait for the album.

    Of course there are better songs in the world. But there are many, many much shitter ones.
  13. Pffffffffffft!!!! Girls Aloud can't begin to be compared to Kylie! where are they now?! hello?!

    All the lovers is certainly growing on me but was not a big a let down as 2 hearts, so a step in the right direction. Maybe she needs to change from working with the Scissor Sisters as much as I like them
  14. here's hoping that either the label (or some kind soul with mixing abilities) combine the radio edit and instrumental to make an old school "extended mix". this song is great the way it is without having some Benny Benassi (or the like) DJ sounds thrown over it.
  15. I love the way Kylie sings on this song. It sounds effortless.

    The song sounds like Stuart Price remixing a Empire of the Sun or MGMT song.
  16. Now if someone would do a remix with the tune from 2:30 onwards playing in majority, I'd be a hundred time happier.
  17. Let's face it - PJ are a hugely critical crowd - but this has been a, I would say, 90% positive reaction so far. I think we're talking a HIT here people!
  18. I hope she does a big festival gig this year (like Glastonbury) where the chorus can be properly chanted by the crowd. And Kylie just stands on stage, mic facing the crowd, soaking it all up, bathed in their adoration. Amazing.
  19. It's a good cheesy Pop song. The kitschest part (the synths explosion) is the best moment.

    But it's not that amazing.
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