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Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 2097, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. There aren't many albums that work as a gym playlist in their entirety. Having put it to the test already, I'd say Aphrodite isn't one of them (Illusion, for a start, is so boring it makes me want to throw my iPod out of the window).

    I'm surprised to see so much love for Cupid Boy - after several listens I can't remember a single thing about it. Closer and Everything Is Beautiful are the overlooked gems of this album.
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    In what way? Everything I said was true.
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    It's off topic but "Breathe" is brilliant isn't it? I was just listening to still sounds so fresh and cool.
  4. I think Illusion is one of the best songs.
  5. Currently up to cupid boy and only one that hasn't worked so far is all the lovers. It was ok for a jog on the tread mill but that was it. Stand outs so far are get outta my way, aphrodite, and too much.
  6. It's true. I like to think she's revisiting it ever so slightly in the 'breathes' of All The Lovers. Single version only though, the album version's too slow.
  7. so having listened to the album a few times now, my favourites are Everything is Beautiful, Cupid Boy, Aphrodite, Put Your Hands Up, Get Outta My Way and Closer. Overall an ok album, but it's mssing a big hit.
  8. Er, no.

    What's the point in speeding up a song that is meant to hang in the air like Breathe. It is such good rack in the Kylie canon.
  9. I love both versions, but I think I just prefer the single version too.

    Anyway, whilst I never loved or disliked Everything Is Beautiful before I've actually quite gone off it now. It's just been on and it's quite rubbish really. Only Too Much and Illusion on are less enjoyable for me now.
  10. I love "Too Much" because it sounds like it could be a track from the new Alphabeat-album.
    It could be a single (along with "Put Your Hands Up", "Cupid Boy" and "Everything is Beautiful")

    I'm not so sure about the single potential of the other songs on here, even though I really like most of them.
  11. The problem with Body Language was that she was trying to push a style that wasn't yet fully popular in the states. If she had tried to release it in 2006 in the wake of or alongside Futuresex/Lovesounds, it would probably have done better. This time around though, Aphrodite's particular flavor of pop music is already popular in the states.
  12. That, and the fact that 2/3 of it was utter shit.

    I also don't really see the comparisons with Futuresex/Lovesounds.
  13. As I understand it the main problem with the Body Language release was that she was pushed by Parlophone to rush release a new album after the success of Fever, as they wanted to maximise the potential after her huge exposure in all markets (including the US) during the Fever era.

    She did not really have a chance to have a proper break after all the promotion she did for Fever (which - considering the fact that she had very little time off between 'Light Years' and 'Fever' - meant cumulative overworking) and part of that led to her exhaustion around that era.

    I think Body Language has some amazing career highlights for Kylie, particularly Slow and Still Standing but as is the case with most Kylie albums (including, I regret to say Aphrodite but excluding, perhaps, Impossible Princess) it lacked a sense of coherence.
  14. I actually think Body Language is one of her better albums, Slow is amazing, but I actually can't listen to any of her albums all of the way through. I just don't think she's that sort of artist, she's much better at creating a big impact with a couple of songs, and that's fine.
  15. most obvious fact of this post put i just had a moment with PYHU, this should be single number 3, imagine how amazing it would be played in a club!
  16. It was a similar electro-R&B sound that Futuresex/Lovesounds made popular.
  17. Body Language had much less catchy songs than FutureSex/LoveSounds, and on the whole the production wasn't very good. A bold direction but done with cheap-ass producers (thanks Parlophone)! That was the album's main problem in my opinion - it sounded unfinished and there was a distinct lack of strong hooks.

    The Bardot-esque images were really beautiful but I'm afraid they didn't quite fit with the music.

    The only songs I listen to occassionally now are Slow, Still Standing, Obsession & Chocolate.
  18. Yeah, same with the "Money Can't Buy" concert. She was embracing all things French (including Olivier), while pursuing an American R&B sound. I'm not sure it really clicked.

    And yes, "Breathe" is amazing, and if I recall right, it's one of the first times she worked with Steve Anderson, who later did all her concert arrangements.

    Everything is better with more Steve Anderson.

    Edited to add: No, wait! I just remembered, Steve Anderson remixed "Finer Feelings" as part of Brothers in Rhythm way back in 1992. My memory is going in my old age.
  19. The image of that time would be perfect if she did a French Pop influenced record.

    I like the idea of Kylie being influenced by Serge Gainsbourg i.e. an album of songs which sound like Nothing Can Stop Us (with the odd flourish of Portishead) and big, lush string arrangements.
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