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Kylie Minogue - Body Language

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by angelX, Apr 4, 2010.

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    This album definitely seems to be one of Kylie's most 'Marmite' amongst the fans, especially here on PJ. Personally, I love it. Might even be my favourite Kylie album. I believe it was the first album of hers I purchased, actually.

    However, as an album, it is very patchy, and there is a lot of filler. But I think the whole era - imagery, videos, the 'Money Can't Buy' one off show, is what makes it for me. Kylie's yet to top the sexiness of that whole Bridget Bardot/French/Urban/Chic look she had going on. Red Blooded Woman and Chocolate are two of my all time favourite Kylie videos, and those, along with Slow, are some of my top favourite singles of hers as well. And the general 'feel' of the album; that mixture of R'n'B/Pop/Funk/80s/90s sounds worked really well and matched the imagery brilliantly, in my opinion.

    Now, as I mentioned, I do find the album very patchy. I think a lot of the songs that were recorded and/or left off the album, used as bonus tracks or B-Sides, would have made it a near perfect album for me. But then I'm not sure if some of the overall 'vibe' of the album would be lost if these tracks were included. The tracks I refer to are:

    - SloMotion (Japanese bonus track)
    - Cruise Control (B-Side/US bonus track)
    - Boombox (unused)
    - I'm Just Here For The Music (unused)
    - My Image Unlimited (unused)
    - Hypnotic, Curious & Roll Over (unused; given to Holly Valance for State of Mind album)

    I would remove Promises, Sweet Music, Someday, I Feel For You, Someday and After Dark from the album and pop those in and I would love it so much more. Well, musically, at least. As I said, the whole vibe of the era makes up for the filler on the album, for me, and I include all those non-album songs as part of the era.

    Something like this:

    1 - Slow
    2 - Curious
    3 - Still Standing
    4 - Boombox
    5 - Secret (Take You Home)
    6 - I'm Just Here For The Music
    7 - Roll Over
    8 - Red Blooded Woman
    9 - Cruise Control
    10 - My Image Unlimited
    12 - Hypnotic
    13 - Chocolate
    14 - SloMotion
    15 - Loving Days

    Maybe even slap on Trippin' Me Up (another unused song) and/or City Games (a B-Side) as bonus tracks. I know it seems a bit silly saying I love the album so much when I would remove so much of it in lieu of unused material, but there's just something about the whole Body Language campaign that I love.
  2. I remember "Slow" being huge in my country. "Red Blooded Woman" is actually my favourite Kylie song, behind "Confide in Me" (this might change, though).
    I'm not a big fan, but I think this era had the best singles.
  3. Red Blooded Woman is the best thing Kylie has ever done. Secret (Take You Home) is close behind. So yes I think I do love this album quite a bit.

    I also think Sweet Music is fantastic.
  4. This album campaign never really made a huge amount of sense to me at the time. It took me forever to like "Slow"; I recall people being very confused as to what she was playing at...

    Gosh, this post is definitely one to be filed under the 'unpopular opinions' thread.
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  5. This is my favourite Kylie album & I find it vastly superior to 'Fever' although not many agree!

    I love the opening quartet of 'Slow'. 'Still Standing', 'Secret' and (especially) 'Promises' and overall I love the low-key vibe and sexiness of the album.
  6. I agree that it's better than Fever. A lot of stuff that's leaked from the album I found to be either better than most on the album to "WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?"

    My ideal tracklist would be:
    1. Slow
    2. Red Blooded Woman
    3. Chocolate
    4. Sweet Music
    5. Still Standing
    6. On The Up
    7. Secret (Take You Home)
    8. Soul on Fire
    9. Loving Days
    10. Promises
    11. Obsession
    12. Slo Motion
    13. Someday

    Not much of a change (apart from using the initial track sequencing rather than the CD order) but I do really like the album.
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  7. slimane

    slimane Guest

    I like it. It's really cohesive. "Slow" was a pretty daring single choice's not really commercial at all but I love it.
  8. How can you love an album - then entirely re order it's tracklisting?!

    It's perfect as it is. I love that album, it was very brave of her to follow Fever with soemthing so un-commercial sounding.
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  9. I remember seeing the video for it & thinking she had lost her mind because it was so uncommercial, it still went to Number 1 though.
  10. I've extolled the brilliance of this album for ages. Kylie's most cohesive, and best all-around.
  11. Not to be argumentative but......if it's very patchy and has a lot of filler how could you possibly love the album? Sounds average at best. It's a 7/10 for me.
  12. Well you see, as I tried to explain in my post, as a whole the album just 'works' for me when I listen to it all in one, but I think the songs that were recorded during the Body Language era were better than the songs that ended up on the album. Even though they were left off the album, I include them in the same time frame of the B.L era, if that makes sense?

    In a way, this thread is more an appreciation of the whole album campaign, as opposed to the album itself. And as the singles, videos, imagery, sound, etc. have become my favourite of Kylie's back catalogue, Body Language ends up being my favourite Kylie album, by default, if nothing else.
  13. Rubbsih album with even crapper single choices. I never listen to it any more, not even Slow.
  14. Hated the fact 4 singles didn't come from this - would have liked Obsession to be a single
  15. Poor old Shoddy Language. Thank God she returned to her pop brilliance on I Believe In You. Then got a bit lacklustre on X
  16. Found this thread by accident but just thought I'd say that I've had this album on my iPod for ages after I borrowed it from the library last year, liked it at the time. Found it the other day at an Op Shop and obvs bought it, had it on repeat, I really enjoy it. It definitely has some filler but it has some amazing songs such as 'Slow,' 'Red Blooded Woman,' 'Chocolate,' 'Obsession' (amazing), 'Loving Days' (also amazing), 'Still Standing' and 'SloMotion.' I think it's an album with a definite cohesive sound, the imagery matches the whole album well and I just really enjoy it, despite the obvious filler. It has inspired me to give some of Kylie's other albums a go...I dislike anyone automatically who writes so little of their own music, but for some reason I'm willing to overlook this with Kylie.
  17. Obsession is definitely one of the better songs. I thought that and Secret (Take You Home) were the obvious single choices after Slow, then they go and release the bilgetastic Red Blooded Woman and Chocolate.
  18. I had no idea that Slo Motion was just an Australian bonus track! I can't imagine anything else closing the album - it seems so appropriate! And it's just amazing.
  19. I dare say this is one of my favorite Kylie albums. It's not perfect, and it's certainly got a shit tracklisting, but I really appreciate the look and "feel" of the music, and totally get what she was going for. I don't think she achieved the end goal, but the imagery used was probably her strongest, and the sound was something slightly strange that didn't really have any contemporary at the time. I always dig when a pop star does something so insane that it beggars all belief.

    I am especially partial to the slightly brilliant EMO Mix of 'Chocolate' and the Chemical Brothers remix of 'Slow,' but 'I Feel For U' is maybe my biggest guilty pleasure song of all time. Love the rain and bird sound effects, love the skipping voices, and love the cheesiness. Even on her "serious" album I go for the camp, go figure.

    I've always wondered if those things on the internet a million years ago were true, and the album was actually meant to be called City Games and the song itself to feature prominantly on the record.
  20. I love this album, my favorite Kylie album probably.

    Secret (Take You Home), Promises & Red Blooded Woman are stunning.

    City Games & Almost A Lover are album worthy, and better than 3/4 of what did end up on the album.

    I never knew that about those Holly Valance songs! Curious & Hypnotic are tunes!
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