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Kylie Minogue - Body Language

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by angelX, Apr 4, 2010.

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    This needs a vinyl release.
  2. If Body Language had not been rush released so that Parlophone had decent Q4 coin in time for Christmas- it could have been something special.

    As it is, it’s a terrible album filled with nasal vocals, half baked ideas and songs that never really go anywhere. Chocolate is one of her worst singles, I Feel For You is an outright abomination, After Dark is a total non event, Red Blooded Woman feels like Kylie paying tribute to Britney (though I bop) and the production on Still Standing is incredibly irritating.

    Thank the lord for Secret (Take You Home) which remains a flawless anthem. The rap sections are, for me, absolutely iconic.
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  3. I see no lies.

    Secret (Take You Home) is admittedly incredible and the only song that I use from this album. 90% of it is a tuneless slog to get through.

    It would have been a far better album if she had recorded the songs that ended up on Holly Valance's opus State of Mind. I would have loved to have heard Kylie on Roll Over.
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  4. Imagine Kylie on the title track. It would be gaymazing!

    I appreciate that she was trying something new but the whole album felt like a ploy to crack America in the wake of Fever.

    I remember listening to the album for the first time and being incredibly disappointed. It was such a let down after the highs of Fever.
  5. I love Slow and a few songs from Body Language, but as a whole that album sounds cold and passionless. Kylie is about celebration and joy. That album has an introverted sound that doesn't suit Miss Minogue.
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  6. It does sound cold and icy but I think that was kind of the point. It was meant to be influences by 80's electronic pop.
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  7. I loved BL in 2003 and still love it now. Any album would've struggled to equal or surpass the impact of Fever.

    It was so exciting to see Kylie try this sound and all three singles were excellent. Red Blooded Woman should've been so much bigger but I remember it being eclipsed by Britneys Toxic.

    Secret (Take You Home) would've made an excellent final single though I also would've loved Promises.
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  8. Body Language is my favourite Kylie album and I love everything about it.
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  9. Exactly and I'm sure she would have been slated had she come out with Fever pt.2, which would have been a much easier option.
  10. My friend won tickets to 'Money Can't Buy' and took me with her. We were both so perplexed by what we were hearing, like "Kylie - where's the NRG?"

    Half of this album is fun - Slow, Still Standing, Secret, Red Blooded Woman, Promises, Chocolate* - the rest I cannot remember at all. City Games was great though, can't believe it was relegated to the pit of B-sides.

    I remember being really surprised by the single choices as well, assuming we'd get Still Standing and Secret after Slow in a nice SSS-a-thon.

    *at a push - why was it a single though?
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  11. Chocolate is her worst video, or at the very least the most unflattering on Kylie. She looks terrible in it and the production on her vocals is horrific. Her voice is warped too much until it grates. Red Blooded Woman isn't a favourite of mine either. Was it intended to score her a hit in America?
  12. Chocolate got served the same fate as Come Into My World sadly, i.e. a less superior version as the single edit compared to the album version with pitched up vocals.
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  13. Body Language is one of my favorite Kylie albums. The aesthetic was so perfect. She's never looked better. I'm not keen on Sweet Music or Still Standing (never enjoyed the Alexis Strum version either) but I like everything else.

    I had no idea Rachel's Secret Garden and those Holly tracks were written for this album? They would have been lovely additions.
  14. You missed off Sweet Music - the best S on that album!
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  15. Light Years roped me in and Fever made me stan, but I just didn't like Body Language, which was a shame because I loved Slow, it was my gay self's Q4 2003 Canal Street bop.
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  16. The album we should have got maybe:

  17. A much better cover
  18. Body Language, was my very first Kylie album, so am always going to be perhaps slightly biased towards it, but I really do rank it as amongst her best albums. Seeing as I was not a fan during the Fever era, I've never experienced that feeling of "Oh ok, what's happened here?" and am kind of glad, because I was not expecting anything in particular. It was of course the sublime Slow that made me became interested in the first place, and whilst that song is well and truly the standout, there is also so much more to enjoy, with Red Blooded Woman, Secret, Obession, Loving Days (stunning!) and After Dark being key highlights. I personally love the fusion of mid 00's R&B and 80's sythnpop, two genres Kylie doe not really do very often, but does so rather well I think when she does. In short, I loved Body Language back in 2003 and still very much do now.
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  19. The cover it got is iconic and perfect. Same for the album really.
  20. Agree with this. Bardot Kylie, was such a amazing look.
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