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Kylie Minogue - Body Language

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by angelX, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. I can't when fans want beauty shots for covers.
    The official cover is iconic and frankly flawless.
  2. Body Language is one of my favorite albums of hers and better than Fever
  3. I'd second that!
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  4. I fully agree but if they ever released a deluxe edition or reissue and wanted a different cover... this please.
  5. Body Language was the first Kylie album I listened to in full, although I'd heard the singles from Light Years onwards and enjoyed them. I think the cover is perfect, very striking in it's simplicity and I love her Bardot look. I do like the cover @Jacques posted above too. If it were more recent, it'd be a nice alternate for Aphrodite.
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  6. Rachel's Secret Garden definitely sounds like a Kylie reject and even I thought it was upon my first listen to that track.

    I do like Body Language more than Fever. It's such an interesting listen. I Feel 4 U is terrible, though.
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  7. Would’ve loved to hear KM do Secret Garden, don’t think the Valance tracks would’ve worked so well though. Maybe if it was State Of Mind or Desire that had been Kylie offcuts...
  8. I think Slow could be my favourite Kylie single and video. (interchanges with CGYOOMH and Confide In Me)
    The album cover and all the artwork from the era is flawless.
    But as a full album I think it could be one of my least favourites, I don't go back to it very often.
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  9. It was.
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  10. I'm listening to the second half of the album for the first time in about a decade. Sweet Music and Loving Days are both fine.
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  11. Sweet Music should have remained a b-side but Loving Days is beautiful.
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  12. Loving Days always is a joy to listen too, want more downtempo moments like this in the future!
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  13. But hopefully sung more in her lower register (i.e. 'Dreams' from Impossible Princess).
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  14. True!
  15. Seriously... we didn't need ScarecrowKylie for the cover.
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  16. I don't think that should have been the actual cover but her pose and outfit is much better. As was the single cover for slow.
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  17. To me it’s just another eye rolling collection of Kylie really wanting to do R&B (See “Let’s Get To It”, Kylie Minogue”), Where are the pop songs on this album? It’s been 14 years & this album never had any (at least for me).

    Some of the unreleased demos from this era are actual pop songs & sound better even in unfinished form, than what made the final cut.
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  18. It's amazing that 14 years later, Body Language is still polarizing and inspires so much discussion. Even on the general Kylie thread, whenever Body Language is brought up, there are pages and pages of people talking about it, disagreeing about it, talking passionately about it.

    I don't think there's another Kylie album that inspires such passionate debate. I don't think X or Let's Get To It inspire as much discussion.
  19. This album is not old enough to be considered a ‘classic’ and the artist is very much still active ... why is this being discussed here and not cluttering up the general Kylie thread?
  20. I still have mixed feelings about Body Language. The highs - Slow, Sweet Music, Red Blooded Woman, Still Standing, Chocolate, Secret - are still some of the best songs Kylie has ever recorded. Promises, Obsession, Someday, I Feel For You and Loving Days are all fine, but disposable. And After Dark remains the lowest point in Kylie’s discography. Sub out a few of the lesser moments with incredible B-sides like City Games and Almost A Lover, and this wound be one of my favorite Kylie albums. As is, it’s always lost so much steam by the final songs that it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.
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