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Kylie Minogue - Body Language

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by angelX, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Yes, if there is one Kylie album that can split fans down the middle, than this is it!
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  2. For me Body Language is hands down Kylie’s best album but none of the songs are as good as her best singles. I just don’t rate any of her albums except for this one and Impossible Princess. The others are just like homes for great bops whereas with Language and Princess she really created bodies of work.

    There are only a couple of songs - Secret and Red Blooded Woman - that I don’t think fit the aesthetic of the album in retrospect. To me Body Language is maturity, luxury, sleek, smooth... those songs haven’t aged well. Sweet Music, Still Standing and I Feel 4 U are the better uptempos that are more “on brand”.
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  3. I Feel For You and Someday, are two of my least favourite Kylie songs ever, just never warmed to them at all.
  4. Body Language is a truly stunning album, which took me time to appreciate. It's so very different to everything else in her catalogue of stellar music. Just wish she would appreciate it more herself by performing some of the deep cuts on tour!
  5. Yes, she herself needs to pay this album more love I think he he.
  6. Chocolate is one of my favorite singles from her (if not my favorite). It left me a bit shook that it's so divisive here
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  7. I'd be happy with K replacing Kids with Secret (Take You Home)- for the rap sections.
  8. This saddens me because Rhythm Of Love is INCREDIBLE. One Boy Girl and Things Can Only Get Better could have been singles and Secrets is a hardcore BOP. Even the off cuts are flawless, like I Am The One For You which randomly surfaced on iTunes years ago.
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  9. Love, love, love this album. Might have to listen to some cuts tonight.
  10. Buckle up baby, feel mah speed, take you from zero to sixtyyyyyyy.

    I remember hearing her rap for the first time and being blown away by incredible she was. Sure she’s no Nicki- but she did a damn sight better than Madonna in the “Big Pop Girl Tries Rapping” stakes back in 2003.

    I’ve always wanted a Secret (Take You Home)/One Boy Girl mashup on tour. If Body Language had more of Kylie rapping, I’d have stanned!
  11. She did somehow manage to make the rap work. It so could have ended up sounding cheesy or desperate.
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  12. Yes, she pulled if so well.
  13. Body Language wishes it was as good as Rhythm of Love or Light Years.
  14. I adore all 3 hehe.
  15. Fixed!
  16. It's funny how her more "urban" albums, Body Language and Let's Get To It, are loved and loathed by so many in equal measure.
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  17. So good.
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  18. Indeed! So should have been a single!
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  19. Read my...body language.

    Take it down, down...
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