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Kylie Minogue - Disco (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. What a euphoric experience
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  2. This is brilliant!
  3. The 'Love is love' lyric...

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  5. It has no chorus. The production and vibe are fun and it has a nice hook or two but it is seriously lacking a center.
  6. That production though.

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  7. That was a euphoric glorious epic.

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  8. There's virtually no chorus, yeah. 'Love is love, it never ends' bit is majestic, though.

    Amazing production.
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  9. MB


    I mean it's good but it's not the poppers o'clock disco I was hoping for.
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  10. Polished euphoric bop! I love it!! Welcome back Disco Kylie!!
  11. End of first listen.
    I do feel like she really took notes from Lost Without You and ran with it. It’s the Light Years(song)-style ethereal Kylie I always need more of.
  12. It is PERFECT
  13. That was so good - I want to hear it again! It's the perfect lead single - uplifting and emotional.
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  14. Gives me Goldfrapp mixed with All the Lovers vibes. Lovely song.
  15. This is absolutely breathtaking and completely surpasses what my expectations for it were.. it completely lives up to the description of "galactic disco".
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  16. It’s one of those songs where the “chorus” sinks into the sequence of hooks. It will reveal itself, don’t worry.

    That production, her vocals. ACK. I’m beaming.
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  17. The LAYERS of synths and vocals is so good to hear again after the flatness of much of the last record.
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  18. It’s celestial. It’s like somebody recorded the heavens. I’m a bit lost for words.
  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
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