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Kylie Minogue - Disco (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I knew I could count on Ms. Minogue to do disco. A bop!
  2. While we were joking about the different editions of Golden, and Disco, Taylor Swift just announced 8 different covers for the album and the 7 vinyl ones with different vinyl colours! And 7 different covers available for a limited period of time! #Empressofmarketingstrategies

    1 of 8 unique, collectible covers
    1 of 8 unique, collectible back covers
    1 of 8 unique disc photos
    1 of 8 collectible album lyric booklets (each version contains 5 unique photos and artwork)
    #insane !

    What about 3 different covers of Disco available till Dic 18? That would help sales!
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  3. I really REALLY like this.
  4. The opening track being by the writing team behind Get Outta My Way guarantees a stomper doesn’t it?
  5. Guaranteed bop incoming.
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  6. I feel like this track would be the encore on tour, ending with All the Lovers.
  7. From Wiki
    Credits adapted from Tidal

    • Kylie Minogue – lead vocals, writer, backing vocals
    • Louis Lion – programming
    • Jon Green – writer, backing vocals, producer, guitar, keyboards
    • Duck Blackwell – additional producer, keyboards, mixing engineer
    • Dick Beetham – recording engineer
    • Richard "Biff" Stannard – writer, backing vocals, producer, keyboards
    • Ash Howes – writer, programming
    • Adetoun Anibi – backing vocals
  8. ...not really, no.
  9. Has anyone mentioned she sounds a bit like Kacey Musgraves?
  10. There’s something borrowed from Better Than Today mixed with her euphoria singles and brought something futuristic about it!

    Cant wait for the album to be released and have the 2020 galactic albums (Chromatica/Future Nostalgia/DISCO) in one big playlist
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  11. SBK


    They're also great. There are only like 2 bad tracks on Golden
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  12. It’s pretty incredible that four decades and 15 albums in she’s still learning new stuff, honing her craft, picking up producer skills and increasingly writing her own stuff. Just when you think she easing into hertiage act. And to casually knock out music as good as Say Something while essentially working from her bedroom. We really don’t deserve her.
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  13. I love that she’s serving “Alex Forrest goes to the disco” realness on the album cover.
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  14. THIS song is an anthem. I cannot stop replaying - it just gets better and better!
  15. It sounds like something that would fit on Jessie Ware's new album which is exactly what I wanted from her so I'm happy.
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  16. I love how she herself has called Say Something one of her top 5 favourite songs already.
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  17. After 10 listens...

    Oh. My. Goddess. This is EVERYTHING!

    I’m not crying. You’re crying.
  18. The song is great. Sonically the quality is great, the lyrics are catchy and sits perfectly alongside her impressive discography.

    This song on tour is going to be amazing.
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  19. The squelchy guitar riffs are a great touch.
  20. Say something is a GREAT sound for her, im extremely excited for this album now.

    Mom always manages to surprise me!
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