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Kylie Minogue - Disco (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I still imagine what the Loving Days music video would look like every time I listen to that amazing song!
  2. This is the best thing she's done in a long time.

    This song:



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  3. Lyric video is out tomorrow.
  4. This is totally exciting, I cant wait for Kylie's new album, I get the feeling there will be a great collaboration or two.
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  5. I really love how humbled she is and touched by people's response to her new music. Adorable.
  6. Absolutely IN LOVE with "Say Something".
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  7. I'm thinking the same thing.
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  8. Okay, that middle 8/outro...a Kylie moment for sure.

    EDIT: Wow, it loops BEAUTIFULLY!
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  9. Everyone is entitled to their opinion I guess. However, All The Lovers is probably my favourite Kylie song in general. The production is beautiful and seeing it on The Golden Tour (very inebriated by that point in the set list, admittedly) was a huge moment.

    To me, it’s peak Kylie and I don’t think she’ll top it.
  10. The good thing about All the Lovers is that it's a song that never stops growing, even after all these years. It's always like the first time, a classic.
  11. I’m still not over how brillant this track is. I like Kylie but I’m not a die hard fan - but girl this takes me somewhere else!
    The looping at the end has me flying high. I obviously didn’t live the disco era but this is exactly how I imagine it.
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  12. Also I just love the fact that Kylie finished the album remotely and recorded her own vocals. Me, a millennial, wouldn’t even know where to start. She’s definitely on a career high after being around for thirty fucking years. Not everyone has that!
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  13. All The Lovers is an amazing, iconic single period. It’s peak Kylie. Everything about it was executed right: the song, the lyrics, the production, cd artwork, remixes and the video. Everything was done right and embodied all things Kylie.
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  14. Well Hens,
    isn't Say Something fucking wonderful.
  15. From the timeframes mentioned it almost feels like the whole project has come forward a bit - she mentioned doing disco this time last year but Sky Adams says his work on the album started in April (and he worked on two thirds of the record) so I can't imagine when they started recording 3-4 months ago they really expected to kick off the new era by July already? Unless the songs were already written but nothing recorded or produced, which is not how Kylie really works is it, at least if she's co-writing?

    Maybe it just went so fucking swimmingly they were like, let's get going in summer. Which could be a really promising sign of her best album in a long time incoming.
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  16. I think it's nice. I enjoy it and it sets up a vibe really well. Its not especially memorable and it sounds more like a buzz release than a real lead single, but it's a nice intro into the next era.

    My ranking:

    1. All the Lovers
    2. Can't Get You Out of My Head
    3. Confide In Me
    4. Into the Blue
    5. Spinning Around
    6. I Should Be So Lucky
    7. I Believe In You
    8. Hand On Your Heart
    9. Dancing
    10. Better the Devil You Know
    11. Slow
    12. 2 Hearts

    Too early to rank Say Something and I honestly don't know the few lead singles I left out well enough to rank them.
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  17. She sounds incredibly joyful in Say Something and I’m pretty sure she’s going to serve us a banger for the second single.
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  18. Why is it that seeing the "Kylie" logo for this era in videos like the above makes it work for me, but as static text it looks awkward?
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  19. She really said I'm gonna give the gays everything they want.
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