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Kylie Minogue - Disco (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Very true and very sad at the same time.
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  2. #11 Sales Chart
    #11 Download Chart
    #11 Scottish Chart

    I had to triple check as it seems odd they're all #11
  3. Not massively. Sales basically = downloads (except the rare week a big act does a physical single), and the Scottish chart is sales only?
  4. Nice to see it in the top 100. Better than nothing at all.
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  5. Top 100 actually seems to be considered an achievement over the past few years. Streaming really has hindered the charts hasn’t it.
  6. Have we any info on remixes for Say Something?
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  7. I thought we would get the video today
  8. It's just made the charts an irrelevant measure of success. I think for acts like Kylie streaming ensures a steady, healthy income off of a strong back catalogue.
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  9. No it hasn’t.
  10. W2K


    I’ve been told that Purple Disco Machine have remixed it but I don’t know if there’s any truth to it!
  11. Sarcasm aside, I was referring more to the fact a song getting a bottom end top 100 position is actually deemed an achievement because at least it charted.
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  12. You've got to look at the chart numbers as just one story. You could argue that the glory days of the 2000's pop era were hindered by fanbase acts getting multiple week one #1s then tumbling out immediately was just as non-indicative of real success too. The general public don't give a shit about chart positions anyway, and they largely haven't for about 20 years after the charts turned into a zero-sum game for the #1 position.
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  13. This is makign me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) Is it Nov 6th yet *guffaw*
  14. I haven't been on SayHey for years but I imagine a lot of them are going into meltdown right about now.
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  15. BMG being slagged off on their facebook group for not doing enough.
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  16. SayHell needs closing down and sealing shut. It’s quite literally a hellhole of toxicity, misogyny, (ironically) homophobia and implied racism.
  17. And those are just the good points!
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  18. I’ve liked Kylie well enough most of my life to casually check out her music like a good ghey but I’m completely bowled over by how good this is

    The effortless groove to the track...I want to live inside that bass.

    I don’t think any of her songs have connected with me so viscerally and instantaneously. Interesting reading that some people needed a few listens. She had me from those first synths.
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