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Kylie Minogue - Disco (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Drink bleach for Anti Tour 2!
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  2. Yes, but it's true. I have been injecting for years and it's done me no harm.

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  3. As I said... of course there are some strange people... but you will find them anywhere
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  4. Hydroxide, the brain worms.

    Also the government wants us all back to work already, if there was a quick cure it would be available and expensive government contracts awarded to distribute it. There's tons of money available in a cure.
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  5. So they finally updated Kylie's profile photo on Apple Music

    I am gonna miss this profile photo though
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  6. Is that The Headless P*stman's alt account on SayHey?
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  8. I was literally waiting for someone to say this.
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  9. Maybe you can expose your moral and intellectual and scientific sense of superiority elsewhere, in a "Look How virtuous and kind and smart I am VS SayHey (or the World)" topic ?
    Or maybe a basic education and politeness could prevent you from laughing at people on their back and go directly on SayHey to lecture them about Hydroxywhatever (because I'm sure you're all great scientists) ?
    Or maybe you could just stay on topic because some are here to read or discuss about Disco ?
  10. Oh they can’t stand Madonna on there
    It’s just depressing that this subset of gays exists and they all seem to be Kylie fans.
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  11. I have no problem posting about people trafficking in harmful conspiracy theories on public forums in the midst of a global pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people.
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  12. There are militant gays everywhere, unfortunately, not just in Kylie crowds.
  13. I know a gay in real life who is a massive Kylie fan but is 100% convinced her and Dannii hate each other and spends more time degrading Dannii than supporting Kylie. It’s disgustingly misogynistic.
  14. And I wonder how many of the SeyHey defenders on this very page see posts like this and just turn a blind eye to it, hmmmm...
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  15. See, that’s just missing out. I love them both and have all their cds next to eachother.

    a Kylie/Dannii marathon is awesome!
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  16. I love them both too! But even if you don’t (which is odd because they make similar music) there’s no need to be a dick about it.
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  17. I can't wait to get a track listing so I can gauge the vibe properly (beyond the realms of "it's disco" of course) and I want the album so I can spend hours sweating over tour concepts! Also bring on the Say Something MV because I need that shit in my life
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  18. Getting the tracklist for a new album is always so exciting. It’s so fun to speculate what each song will be like. I remember thinking that Low Blow would probably be a ballad!
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  19. Step Quack In Time.
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  20. {dyslexia fails}
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