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Kylie Minogue - Disco (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I liked it. It did look like they filmed it in her home, but I think they did the best they could, given the circumstances.

    The overload of particle effects wreaked havoc on the Youtube video codec though. Some shots looked like 360p even though I played it in full HD.
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  2. It's PERFECT. Watch it back in 4K and it looks beautiful (the stream wasn't as high quality)
  3. What a progression!

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  5. I appreciate the effort, especially in the times we are currently in, but it's just too messy and visually chaotic for me. I hate that she's obscured in the majority of the shots.

    (The song is still 10/10 though - maybe the video will grow on me!)
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  6. Is it in 4K on YouTube?
  7. Good on her for trying her best given the circumstances!
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  8. Same. I enjoyed it but theres maybe one to many filters and effects added. Am sure once I've seen it again that complaint will disappear but it did feel like someone using PowerPoint animation for the first time and using everyone because they can.
  9. It’s a fun video... lots going on but then again I quite like how chaotic it is in a way. She looks stunning. Can’t go wrong with that.
  10. It's perfect considering the times we are living in. I would've liked to have more scenes with just her, less effects. But I'm going to replay it.
  11. It's like the video for a fourth single that's actually just a recycled tour backdrop. It's not for me.
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  12. Yes it is for me, just needed to refresh it.
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  13. I did the same. You can tell it's 4K when replayed as the streaming slightly lagged and spoilt the quality.
  14. TMI


    What is that mix of The One ? Freemasons ?
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  15. OK.
  16. I loved the video! Just good vibes!
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  17. How I wish the closeups were less chaotic because she looks gorgeous and you can barely see it.

    I genuinely SMILED when the setup changed to the bacofoil bedspread.
  18. The scene where she is lying on the floor is the best one. More of that or visuals like the red photoshoot would've been nice.
  19. It’s on Apple Music now so thank god I can watch back without endless ads.
  20. This is my only real issue. What I could make out looked lovely but those particles were a little distracting
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