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Kylie Minogue - Disco (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Since when has appreciating a cleaner visual been an 'unreasonably high expectation'?

    I haven't seen anyone complain about a lack of budget, or limited setups, or the fact that this was filmed at home. The majority of those feeling underwhelmed are doing so because of the amount of overwhelming and arguably unnecessary effects added in post-production which take away from the video rather than enhance it.
  2. HMD


    I like it, but I don’t love it. Mainly because of the overuse of filters, even though there are some gorgeous shoots (her lying in the galaxy) and I appreciate what she did despite the lockdown circumstances. The lyric video remains impeccable.
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  3. Saying it’s too busy, not enough quiet moments or too pixelated in non-native resolutions is not unreasonably high expectations. It’s obviously not fact as it’s subjective but I don’t see people asking for this to be a movie-sized budget with outdoor shoots and a dozen dancers during a pandemic.
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  4. It should have been executed better. London hasn't been in complete lockdown since early July, and many production teams have been working for a month. The set designers could have just prepared something in advance. The bedspread and editing grate on me the most. I can imagine Kylie not wanting to take any chances with 'rona after having had cancer, but the small team she had should have made better choices. The song, of course, remains glorious indeed.
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  5. TMI


    thanks. That was the official single release version ?
  6. SBK



    I love the video, yeah it distorts in places but is fine in HD
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  7. Oh cheer up - I was only teasing.
  8. MB


    We can't use lockdown as an excuse. For example Mel C filmed a great video including dancers etc during lockdown. As @haunter says production teams are up and running following the new 'rules'
    Come at me all you want but I'm not sold on this era and I say this as a stan. The song and video are just 'ok' to me, I'm hoping the next single is much better - for me, I appreciate everyone has a difference of opinion and I know some/most love the song.
  9. All the people saying how it looks cheap, or iMovie like. I’m expecting you to then recreate this video and make it better then please. Two week deadline OK?
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  10. I would love the red photoshoot to become a video. It was very simple but iconic. Just her with the mic moving around.
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  11. For me any video is a bonus and nice to have. Which is how I’m viewing this - it’s fun, camp, a bit of a pick me up.

    It’s predominantly about the music; is the song brilliant? Yes. That’s what I’m happiest about.
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  12. I actually really love the video. It fits the song perfectly to me.
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  13. I've never been a massive Sophie Muller fan. I feel like she's a very limited and very inconsistent director who returns to the same bag of tricks, but even she has a history of directing compelling and beautiful lower budget videos for great female artists -- see some of her work for Annie Lennox, Sade, Bjork and others.

    And I don't think it's just the over-embellishment of the cheap glitter effects. It's the lighting, the editing, the framing of the shots, the way the camera moves. Muller just seems... lost. There's no sense of rhythm, texture, feeling. The song has so many rich dynamics from that undeniable slinky guitar funk rhythm, to the swoon of disco strings, the shimmery synths and those layers upon layers of beautiful vocals. I wish the video had felt connected to the audio so that visuals felt like an extension of the music rather than something just layered on top of it.

    I mean, just take a small example from the lyric video. The way those ghosted "Woah Woah Woah" lyric images feel like they're echoing the reverb of kylie's layered vocals. Whoever directed the lyric video got it. I wish they'd been commissioned for the official video.

    Anyway, we're not going to argue each other into adopting one another's views, but, to quote that other pop lady of a certain age, it's a bit reductive to suggest that the only reason some of us are so cool to this video is because we wanted a massive big-budget video or because we don't like sparkly things.
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  14. I loved it but yeah, it's very Goldfrapp isn't it.

  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Is the song in the video a slightly different mix?
    It felt like the middle-8 plus final choruses went on a little longer but than I noticed the play time is the same?
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  16. I was thinking this too, the ending seems a little different too.
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  17. What I wanted from the video was Kylie looking like a galactic goddess and trippy, glittery kaleidoscopic visuals when the “love is love” section kicked in. So in that sense I got what I wanted. Considering the circumstances, I’m happy with it.

    I still absolutely love this single.
  18. Sounded like more vocals in the chorus as well... but might just be me.
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  19. I love her generosity! She could have been in town, she could have had people around her ( be dancers or actors), but she choosed to stay home with few people around her. The visuals are there, the iconicity is there, SHE is there in the most safe way. Thank you Queen!
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  20. It looks like a tour backdrop. That's fine, but it could've been better.

    The song still gives me goosebumps.
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